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It isn’t by accident or mistake



February 16, 2013 · 6:05 pm

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  1. iAnon

    Add Ted Cruz to the mix and bump up vile to over-the-top and you have the Hispanic trifecta. Two solid, well-educated, hard working republicans who are mocked and derided in the media. One low-life scum-sucking Democrat who is praised. I swear, I’m going to take the tip from George Crossman’s blog and move to St. Kitts, where I can BUY my citizenship for a mere bagatelle: $250,000. I’m packed. Getting out of this country that is going fast going down the hellhole,

  2. It’s mind boggling that the left can attempt to drum someone out of contention for high office for simply drinking water. What country are we in? Not the one I can recognize anymore but that’s what the leftists want, apparently.

    • They can’t argue, so they ridicule and use charges of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. to end the discussion. Bill Ayers taught to never engage conservatives in discussion or debate and to use these tactics instead because to argue is to give recognition to conservatives and someone mght listen. I post Dollar Bill’s comments here because he’s such a perfect example of this strategy (except that, in DB’s case, he really has no ideas to counter opposing ideas, but he does illustrate the exact, planned-for product of the Ayers’ educational program).

  3. Mickster

    who reads the “Press” anymore – MSM is so skewed its lost all credibility.

  4. Anonymous

    Where the F is 3DB on this. I want to kick his ass all over the floor. I cannot take it any longer.