The way the (new) world works

School days

School days

There’s a little pedestrian bridge in Cos Cob, built decades ago and still used today by kids and parents to cross a small creek to get to the school. Still used, that is, until recently, when a mommy complained to the authorities that the bridge was too narrow “and could get slippery”. The town, as is its wont, shut it down.

I don’t know which is more annoying, the town’s reaction, when the proper response would have been, “lady, you think the bridge is dangerous, don’t use it”, or the mommy herself who, observing a “put your eye out” hazard, insisted that no one use it.

To me, it’s the same crazed, interfering thinking that sees bans on Happy Meals because some parents don’t want their kids eating them and, rather than just avoid feeding their precious tots chicken nuggets, demand that the chain stop giving them out to anyone else.

And seat belts and bicycle helmets and sledding and jungle gyms – and and and. When did we turn into a nation of such whiny cowards, and when did we give the whimps complete power over the rest of us?


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18 responses to “The way the (new) world works

  1. cos cobber

    More evidence of the never ending wimpification of america. We’re two generations away from not having the courage to field a military or even a police force.

    • Ya well it is Conn. no? Not exactly known for the amount of testosterone floating around. In most North Eastern regions, it seems that being less of a man is more valued. I see beaten down middle aged husbands driving mini-vans listening to their overweight wives drone on about how they don’t listen to them; while they watch her put on another 5 pounds. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    This all started with the banning of lawn darts. Remember those? Foot long, steel metal tipped missiles. They were really fun. BUT NOW THEY ARE BANNED!! Why you ask?

    Because someone made a decision we were too stupid to play with these, because some moronic little turd kid decided it was a good idea to try and catch one using his head. But It wasn’t the dumb little shits fault. IT WAS THE MANUFACTURERS FAULT!!

    As a society, we have stopped taking responsibility for our own stupidity, instead preferring to blame others, and shirking individual responsibility. And then expecting the government to protect us from ourselves. With more rules because we are too stupid to protect ourselves. THIS IS WHAT THE LIBTARDS BELIEVE!! And people actually think it is a good thing. STAGGERING I SAY!!

    So because some little nimrod decided to use his cranium as a lawn dart landing pad, which was probably all it was really good for anyway, a really cool toy disappears. We all lose because of one little douche bag.

    Then they took away the slip and slide. And we said nothing. Then toy guns. We did nada. And now they are coming for the real guns.
    When will it end??

    And quite stuffing that pencil up your nose, before you ruin it for all of us.
    Your Pal,

  3. D

    At least the bureaucrat making these important decisions makes $180K a year… If he’s worth that much he must be right, right?

  4. anonymous

    Looking at the list of public employees’ salaries published in yesterday’s Greenwich Time, every bureaucrat in town makes $180,000 a year. And Caldwell is worried about a $14,000 lease?

  5. Anonymous

    My only take away is that I’m just glad they are going to fix the eyesore in Binney Park. Its about time.

  6. LAK

    Bridge, Beach, Wiffleball, Mannequin in lobby of GPD. WTF?! What’s next?

  7. Anonymous

    By continuing to violate nature’s laws we create our own peril. Just look at these phony, propped up financial markets. We still haven’t let the market clear. Print, print, print. The same applies to people. Cold as it sounds, there has to be a penalty for being weak and stupid. This bottom-up Obama fantasy is a new low for America.

  8. Anonymous

    we morphed into a country of whimps in 1991

  9. Al Dente

    Reading this blog causes me great anxiety and ill health. I could stop reading it……
    Can I retain you to sue you?

  10. Anonymous

    I often blindfold my children in the morning and see if they can cross the bridge. One time, my youngest son fell off the bridge and, after a drop of almost a full foot, hit the water. One of the giant sea monsters in the brook almost ate him, but I saved him. I’m very glad our town officials are protecting others from this serious threat.

  11. There was a study I saw a long time ago. It indicated the sharp rise in government social programs AND the national debt right around the time women were given the right to vote. Given the nature of women. To be nurturers whom seek security as an instinct. I can see them voting for this. I can also see a lady pissed at her base jumping husband, wanting to f^7k up experiencing this bridge for everybody else. Of course it could have just been “something” else.

    • Actually, the exponential growth in government spending coincided with the imposition of the income tax. Female schmemale, give politicians a dollar and they’ll spend five.

  12. Westchesterer

    Functually obsolete? Do these government thugs make up their own words? How is it functually obolete when it functions as it was intended to the day it was built? So, to them, functually obsolete means not up to code? Every couple of years there’s a new building code. Does that mean that every house built on prior code is functually obsolete?

    And he makes 180k? For what? Why doesn’t this guy take a shovel, some plywood, cement, water, rebar, steel and make everyone a new bidge? For 180k he should at least be doing something.

  13. fall of rome

    the only payback to ct resifdents is if we mount a debt so large they go belly up and lose precious pensions

  14. Balzac

    Today in Riverside there was a car with NY vanity plates:
    Is this funny or tragic, please tell me.

  15. Troll under bridge

    There is a lonely troll under the bridge with a pot of gold.
    Actually it is just a Cos Cob kid under the bridge smoking pot.