To the AP, scary-looking guns are “assault rifles”, so why not this?

Hunt for WWII Spitfire “fighter jets” fails.

Well give them this much: both planes do carry real machine guns.

Propeller driven "jet fighter"

Propeller driven “jet fighter”




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4 responses to “To the AP, scary-looking guns are “assault rifles”, so why not this?

  1. The Duke of Deception

    The Krauts (as Walt would call them) had developed a pretty effective fighter jet toward the end of WWII. Had it been introduced earlier the matter might have gotten really interesting over there.

  2. OG17

    Germans had an amazing array of hi-tech aircraft
    Fortunately we were able to grab many scientists before the commies could get them and they made huge contributions to our aircraft & rocket technology. Dr. Anselm Franz, the lead engineer on the Jumo 004 used in the ME-262 worked at Lycoming in Stratford CT. He developed the first turboshaft engine used in a helicopter, most famously used in the Huey.

  3. AJ

    They all carry guns except for the f-4 phantom that was used in Vietnam, and had no guns — typical government stupidity — but was armed with missiles — the latest and the greatest — which quite often turned out to be duds. I’m no expert, but I believe the guns on fighter planes are referred to as cannons, but that may have something to do with caliber size and not automatic fire.