Too good to leave buried as a link in the comments

A reader sends along this:

Diane Feinstein's granddaughter?

Diane Feinstein’s granddaughter?


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9 responses to “Too good to leave buried as a link in the comments

  1. Thank you, Grandma. Next year can I have the laser rangefinder?

  2. Brown Eyed Girl

    Or maybe Oscar Pistorius’ niece?

  3. Mickster

    Daddy is going off to fight Bambi with this??
    Great white hunter…tough guy.

    • Daddy is probably going off to fight Omar the Dish Towel with it – it’s a Barrett sniper rifle.

      • Mickster

        Hardly. Since when are troops allowed to bring their sniper rifles home so their little girls can play with them. This great white hunter needs a bigger edge on Bambi….wtf

        • In fact, the Barrett is a perfectly legal gun and you can buy one yourself, Mickster, should you have the need to hit someone or something two miles away and happen to have $11-$15,000 hidden under a potato(e). It’s a bit unwieldy for terrorizing school administrators,however: for that, we recommend a “military style” shovel.

        • D

          Yup – There’s a large group of long range target shooters who compete with these rifles. They’re heavy as hell, but a ton of fun to shoot. With the muzzle break the recoil’s not bad either.

          Only difference in military use is the ammo: incendiary rounds – pack a little more punch when dealing with those pesky arabs.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    OK, Semi Auto Rifle. Evil Feature #1: Detachable Magazine, Evil Feature #2: Pistol Grip.
    Bayonet Lug: Nope
    Collapsible Stock: Nope
    Flash Hider: ?, probably it’s a muzzle brake given the rifle’s stated mission purpose, but is it pinned and welded? I hope so.

    It’s AWB compliant. I think might be going shopping Monday.

    • D

      Agreed – This won’t be banned unless its specifically singled out. CA has already done this, I think… I wouldn’t put anything past them. Probably the most unlikely gun to be used by criminals. Heavier than hell and very expensive ammo.