When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns

Idiots at play

Idiots at play

Elderly couple Two young whippersnappers pulled over by SWAT cops and told to remove Ohio Buckeye decal from bumper because someone else might be as stupid as the cops and think it was a depiction of a marijuana plant

Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, 65, and her husband were driving home to Plano, Texas from Columbus after attending her mother-in-law’s funeral when a pair of black police SUV’s stopped the couple a few miles outside of Memphis.

“Knowing I wasn’t speeding, I couldn’t imagine why,” Jonas-Boggioni told the Columbus Dispatch. “They were very serious. They had the body armor and the guns.”

On the back of Jonas-Boggioni’s car was a Buckeye leaf decal, similar to the one players’ have on their helmets, and cops mistakenly thought it was marijuana leaf.

Yes, really.

“What are you doing with a marijuana sticker on your bumper?” one of the cops asked Jonas-Boggioni.

After trying to explain that the sticker was not a marijuana leaf and that she and her husband were not trafficking drugs cross-country, the police advised Jonas-Boggioni to remove the sticker as to not cause any more confusion.

“I didn’t take it off,” Jonas-Boggioni told the paper. “This little old lady is no drug dealer.”


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10 responses to “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns

  1. It’s nice to know that it is suspected that there is intelligent life somewhere in the universe. No matter where you are schmucks are schmucks…

  2. David Smith

    Free speech has an ugly way of discommoding the “Enforcers”.

    (Whatever happened to “Protectors”?

  3. OG17

    At a town meeting someone told the selectman that a cop in Greenwich pulled over his car with a “420” sticker. They didn’t know it referred to a sailboat but thought it was to advertise 4/20 day!

  4. anonymous

    Uh, since when is 65 elderly?

  5. Artie

    Did they find their pot?

  6. Pete

    I don’t know what it is about I40 outside of Memphis. I have been through there a bunch of times and it is always police central.

  7. AJ

    School goes into lockdown over student with “military-style shovel”:

    ‘Idaho, Arizona Schools Go Into Full Prison Mode’

    “Schoolkids in Yuma are taken into “protective” custody
    Schools in Meridian, Idaho went into full “prison mode” after a student who brought a folding shovel to Heritage Middle School in Meridian, Idaho prompted the school’s “resource officer” to call for a full lockdown.

    Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea told KTVB news that the youngster had been seen “jogging out of the school, then back into the school with what [staff members thought] was an axe.” After the “resource officer” called for a lockdown, police arrived “seconds” later, set up a perimeter, and deployed “search teams” to confront the “suspect” – an innocent teen who had brought the shovel to serve as a prop in a classroom presentation. Meanwhile, students at four nearby schools were put into “shelter in place” mode – that is, they were confined to their classrooms until police at Heritage Middle School gave the all-clear.

    All of this occurred, once again, because a junior high school student brought a shovel to school, and none of the purported adults on campus was blessed with the presence of mind to approach the kid and find out what he was doing. Interestingly, the state stenographers in the local media referred to the farm implement as a “military-style shovel,” a cosmetic designation that might someday be seized on by Commissarina Feinstein when she and her comrades seek to deprive the public of any implement that could possibly be used…”


  8. Betsy Young

    Dumb as stumps!!!

    Betsy Young ☺