Hawaii, Aspen, Spain - this is tough!

Hawaii, Aspen, Spain – this is tough!

Fresh from their three-week Hawaiian vacation, the First Family is off again on their own separate vacations, courtesy of you. Hubby’s in Florida, getting golf tips from Butch Harmon and playing with his guy friends – Mr. War on Women refuses to play any sports with girls, ever, while Michelle and the girls are practicing skiing in Aspen. If you’re curious, their (separate) planes cost taxpayers $180,000 per hour to transport the family around the world.

But as soon as he’s back, Obama has promised to turn his attention to the unemployed, who may have heard that same vow four years ago but hey, the man’s been busy. Fore!


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  1. Anon

    I wouldn’t want to be with The One either. Nor he with Her Royal HighnAss. They are the cover page of the magazine Let’s Pretend We’re in Love. Body language and preferring to be apart doesn’t lie. But would I ever pay good money to see Barack attempt skiing. I picture it as some version of his gay skeet shooting. I wonder where “I grew up poor” Michelle learned to ski. Not exactly the sport of the 99%!

  2. kc

    Trying to look at this optimistically, I thought that maybe it’s not such a bad thing that he’s jetting around, far away from Washington and many of his courtiers and sycophants there. I mean, after all, how much sanctimonious, governmental mischief can you get into on the golf course or in the club house as long as you stay away from the top shelf stuff? Well, okay, that last bit is naive but, still . . . But that’s not really what it’s all about, is it? While some of us are wondering about all of this, his supporters are perfectly okay with it. They even seem to enjoy and expect it. You can’t question whether it might be just a little unseemly because he’s their man and, from some points of view at least, isn’t that what getting to be a political celebrity is all about?

  3. Anonymous Citizenette

    Hey, Barry said he wouldn’t rest until blah, blah, blah many times. So he his lovely Moochelle are just doing what they do best. No golf game left unplayed, not ski slope un-slalomed, not a fancy resort un-stayed at…..because as he likes to point out, he won.