As long as there are morons, there will always be police supervisors

Someone played a joke on the brass, and they aren’t amused.

Police are under investigation for jokingly filling in a witness statement in the name of a force dog.

Officers became exasperated when prosecutors asked for an account of a crime from a ‘PC Peach’, not realising Peach was the name of a police dog.

So they completed the form as if it had been written by the alsatian, and signed it with a paw print.

The dog’s statement read: ‘I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy Peach.’

The form was pinned up at a West Midlands Police station last week for the amusement of colleagues, who are often at odds with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over the handling of cases.

Police report


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7 responses to “As long as there are morons, there will always be police supervisors

  1. Anonymous

    I know you have strong feelings about gun laws etc…
    But so many of us are far more interested in what you have to say regarding Greenwich real estate.
    I know it’s a little quieter than usual in terms of new inventory, which I myself find puzzling and a bit unnerving. I’m ready to move into the golden triangle of Riverside/EMS-walk to train etc myself, and
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    Maybe its just me, but I’m ready for more real estate news, less tumbleweed revolver standoff…
    Not sure if that amounts to 2 cents, but as always I will stay tuned…

  2. Greenwich Gal

    Quite frankly, hilarious.

  3. What happens in Vegas..............

    Practice gun control is like
    Practicing safe sex
    Is someone sleeping with their gun?

  4. AJ

    Speaking of jokes, here’s a good one. I know Walt is just going to have to have one of these. He’ll be able to ride it around Tod’s and use it as an ice breaker to chat up all the birds — a real babe magnet. Here’s a video clip of the toy in action followed by a link to a website for people who have to know more:

  5. Anonymous Citizenette

    My late husband was a retired NYPD canine officer and I’ve just had a huge laugh on his behalf.

    (Keep up the good work Chris; your witty take on the absurdity of living in these strange days is much appreciated).

  6. Chris R.

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  7. They should make Peach the new supervisor — his handwriting (paw-writing?) is very legible, and his writing style is understandable even to other police supervisors, and possibly even to politicians.

    The former second in command of our local sheriff’s department, when trying to express how simple something was, would say, “Even Jerry understands this!” Jerry, was, of course, the sheriff.