Coming our way: incurable tuberculosis – national health care, Indian style

Drug resistant TB spreading among the citizens as their free health care administers useless drugs.

MUMBAI—Here on center stage in the global crisis of drug-resistant tuberculosis, top doctors are sounding a new alarm: India’s emergency strategy to defeat the disease may be having the opposite effect—encouraging TB instead to mutate into more deadly and unstoppable strains.

In its new strategy, India is treating some, and perhaps many, drug-resistant TB patients with drugs that they are already resistant to. That can allow the bacteria to build resistance to new drugs as well.

On Friday, a prominent specialist described research to The Wall Street Journal showing that the government’s treatment plan wouldn’t work on fully two-thirds of the 300 patients analyzed at one major Mumbai hospital. The results suggest India’s plan is “a futile exercise” that will “serve to amplify resistance,” said the researcher, Dr. Zarir Udwadia. “It is morally and medically disastrous.”

In our modern world of global travel, incurable TB would seem likely to accompany infected victims from the home source, currently India, China and Russia. Hell, it might already be in Hawaii – perhaps we should quarantine Michelle O there, just to be safe.


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4 responses to “Coming our way: incurable tuberculosis – national health care, Indian style

  1. Cos Cobber

    Tb is brewing in a big way in NYC. Look out.

  2. Anonymous

    I travel to India every other month for my job, Mumbai most often. I’ve never been warned of any TB problem. I checked the CDC and the US travel website just now and they don’t mention TB either. After reading your post, I’m thinking I’ll ask for a transfer out of the international department and go back to the mail room job I started with 38 years ago.

    Good 50s throwback song tu-ber-cu-lucas. I had to look up who sang it. Forgot all about that guy Smith.