Maybe he should lobby for the NRA

Chris Dodd, lobbyist for the Motion Picture Association, opposes regulation of violent movies and games because, he warns, “it’s a slippery slope”. 


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11 responses to “Maybe he should lobby for the NRA

  1. sunbeam43

    Dodd is a screaming ass!

  2. Al Dente

    An obscure video that no one saw caused a violent assault and slaughter at Benghazi. But a lifetime of watching mayem and murders in movies, combined with cop killing video games: No problem!

    • TheWizard

      You beat me to it, Al. Seems the liberals are having trouble keeping it straight.
      That’s not a problem if you deal in truth.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        That’s not a problem if you deal in truth.

        …and there’s the core of it all: the truth is entirely elusive to the progressive mind.

  3. RL

    Once again, Parents have to own this one ! Children have NO BUSINESS sitting around playing violent video games all day, but hey as long as they are out of mom and dad’s hair WHATEVER ! One of the places I used to work had a rich elite school system that had kids that were issued credit cards by mommy & daddy so they could get their own lunch money and marijuana and whatever else they needed so as to stay out of the way as much as possible. And of coarse, their kids NEVER did NO WRONG !

    I may have had my first handgun at age 9, but I had to learn the rules of safety, write them and repeat them to my father constantly. Each shooting session was ended with a firearms cleaning session because firearms were never stored dirty or abused. It was a respect thing that went BOTH ways.

  4. It’s amazing how those slopes miraculously become so much less slippery when it comes to things that leftists want to regulate. Ever tighter gun regulations and registration requirements will never lead to confiscation, right? The fact that it’s consistently happened under previous lefty regimes (including the Nazis, who were in fact leftists) can be ignored, we are told, because our lefties are “better than that”. Yeah, just like Joe Biden is going to be the next Pope.

    If it weren’t for double standards, leftists would have no standards at all…

  5. Peg

    Frankly, I don’t think that violent movies and games should be regulated. I view them as speech. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that businesses cannot, of their own volition, produce more films and games and culture that is worthy of our time, rather than filth and graphic, constant violence. (OK, OK, Walt; a little filth is fine.)

    Really. At some point, some of us have to take responsibility for what we do. You don’t have to debase our society with your products.. And yes; parents could take a smidgen of responsibility for their children. It’s a thought, at any rate…

  6. Anonymous

    Where is the inventory?

  7. Babylon Sister

    Like Stalin said, “If I could control Hollywood, I could control the world.” There’s no way “progressives”, in the totalitarian tradition, would allow regulatory dilution of one of their greatest force multipliers.

  8. Atticus

    Blast from the past:

    <bChris Dodd Breaking Promise Not To Become A Lobbyist Just Weeks After Leaving Senate; Joining MPAA As Top Lobbyist