When mortars are outlawed, only morons will have mortars

Danger, Will Robinson!

Danger, Will Robinson!

Tewkesbury, England: Armed with (real) machine guns, cops raid home of man who posted picture of his 6″ toy mortar on FaceBook. Took the Brits six weeks to get there after a citizen’s complaint, but by God, they tracked him down!

There were five police officers at the door, two of them carrying submachine guns.

They had come in search of a deadly mortar tube – spotted in the background of a picture that Mr Driscoll had posted on Facebook.

Mr Driscoll, 43, did indeed have a mortar in the home and promptly showed it to the squad.

It was a toy.

After inspecting the model mortar, the rather embarrassed team of officers apologised and took their leave.

‘I couldn’t believe someone thought it was real,’ said Mr Driscoll, a model maker, at his home in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

‘It’s tiny and quite clearly a toy. I can’t stop laughing. I think it’s hilarious.’

The mortar, or at least part of it, was featured in a picture Mr Driscoll took of an Action Man figure and a toy Alsatian dog.

He posted the picture on Facebook ‘as a laugh’ because he says he looks rather like the Action Man figure and owns an Alsatian.

The mortar was near to a TV remote control which showed how small it was. Nevertheless, someone called in the police.


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4 responses to “When mortars are outlawed, only morons will have mortars

  1. D

    And the reaction someone had was to call the gestapo… What a world.

  2. sunbeam43

    The whole world has gone bonkers!

  3. Al Dente

    I’m melting my son’s GI Joes today, going to make a nice plastic fern.

  4. AJ

    You post this as if you are surprised: you shouldn’t be.

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