Considering the reputation of military coffee, it was probably an improvement

cowgirlcoffee1-209x300FWIW’s Irish Correspondent also keeps his eye on Europe, and sends along this from Squarehead Land:

Swedish Air Force coffee inadvertently brewed from radiator water – for years.

“As the coffee is black and the radiator water is a bit brown, then we haven’t noticed the difference,” said Captain Catharina Bergsell, information officer at the F 17 squadron.

My father, a sergeant in the cavalry with Squadron A, told me that the best method of brewing coffee was to boil it until it was strong enough to float a horseshoe. They spiked theirs with bootlegger whiskey (this was in the 30s), which probably explains things, but I imagine aquavit would achieve the same result.


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2 responses to “Considering the reputation of military coffee, it was probably an improvement

  1. Anonymous

    Speaking of being a sergeant, here’s a slight non sequitur about the gun companies refusing to sell in states with new Safe Act laws. I’m just a cog in this mighty wheel of life, but aren’t we going BACKWARDS, not Forward?

  2. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    The enlisted mess on my ship had a 110 gallon coffee urn. Chief Domino, the head Filipino cook, made coffee once a day at 4am when he came on duty. Needless to say, by the time mid watch came around, you could caulk seams with what was left.