Here’s where their public relations firm earns its keep

Morton's SaltBus carrying stranded Carnival cruise passengers back to departure port breaks down.


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7 responses to “Here’s where their public relations firm earns its keep

  1. Gilligan

    Yes, that’s bad, what’s worse is the media making the passengers out to be victims of meteoric Katrina scale. What they endured was yucky. But, no one was held hostage by a Somali. No one died. As far as I know, no one was even injured. I’d have to laugh if the bus broke down on top of having raw sewage at my feet for four days. One of the passengers has already filed a lawsuit. Good luck with that. Carnival is registered in Liberia for a reason.

  2. Greenwich Gal

    A Carnival Cruise – Greenwich Gal’s version of Hell. Stuck on a floating tin can with thousands of people who think this is a “glamorous” trip, eating cafeteria buffet food and listening to American Idol wanna-be’s. I would rather walk down Greenwich Ave stark naked. Or even worse – bring Kim Kardashian to the member-guest…

    • I’ve never even been tempted to go on a cruise and the few times I’ve been unfortunate enough to be in a port where one of them lands, watching the mob that’s disgorged into town “to se the local color (ed?) made me shudder. No thanks.
      UPDATE: I once was hired to write a guide book to the U.S. Virgin Islands and had to stay on St. Thomas for a week – if you want to see a ruined island, St. Thomas, which sold its soul to the cruise ship industry, is the place to start, and end.

      • Gilligan

        GG is right about Carnival and its similar packed-like-sardines ilk. Hell on water.
        But Then there’s the Seabourn line. I bet even GG would say all aboard.

      • Cos Cobber

        Please – please – post a draft of that st Thomas travel guide. I bet it’s a hoot. Snarky….insensitive…

        A Greenwich gal, don’t hate on the masses who like red lobster and carival cruise….it’s bread and circus.

        • You know, CC, I don’t think I have it – that goes back to 2000, and the photographer, an Englishwoman, was also the one who had landed the assignment, fell to pieces and when we got back to the US to complete it (those of us who knew her had already started referring to her as “The English Mental Patient” even before I’d left with her for the islands). When she went off the edge, so did the deal.
          And I do regret that because it was indeed very snarky and a lot of fun. I’d probably still be banned from all three islands had it seen publishing daylight.

  3. Greenwich Gal

    Don’t be hatin’ on St. Thomas – the Ritz Carlton isn’t bad at all. Right on the west end of the island, nice facility and easy ferry to St. John for the day. Cruise ships in the far distance….