The largest bloc of the Democrat Party moves education forward


And raise our salaries while you're at it!

And raise our salaries while you’re at it!

Teachers’ union pushes to eliminate standardized tests because without test results you can’t grade teachers. It’s all about non-accountability and why not? In our modern educational system where “cooperation” trumps individual achievement and “effort” is rewarded instead of achievement, why punish teachers when they fail as badly as their students? After all, they’re products of Outcome Based Education too.


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2 responses to “The largest bloc of the Democrat Party moves education forward

  1. Anonymous

    In many states, how well students do on state exams directly ties in with the federal dollars the district receives. Other than the sheer stupidity of the CTU’s lament, I am surprised no one has gotten this little detail through their mush-brain heads.
    Homeschooling is on the rise in so many states but probably never in the inner cities where, if the unions and Obama have their way, kids will start mandatory school straight out of the womb.

  2. Al Dente

    It’s all about words. “Invest in education” sounds better than “pay lazy teachers more money so they can go to the Indian casino on this B.S. holiday while we in the private sector must go to WORK.” That sounds terrible.