The trouble with affirmative action

Tenured college professor who forced students to sign pledge they would vote for Obama should be fired, college president rules. And for incompetence, in addition to creating a hostile environment. Affirmative action has many bad effects, but the most harmful, I think, is that when a story like this hits the press, the natural inclination of some of us non-pc types is to look at the political sympathies of the offender, note that the lady was fired for incompetence, wonder why she was hired in the first place and conclude, “African – American”. Google Images confirms that suspicion. Does her race say anything at all about the qualifications of other people of color? Logic says no, and I’d think that successful blacks would be furious that affirmative action taints the accomplishments of the race. And not just blacks, of course – Chief Cherokee Elizabeth Warren made it to Harvard and then the U.S. Senate because of affirmative action and look what that got us.

But there you have it.

(Soon to be former) college professor Sharon Sweet

(Soon to be former) college professor Sharon Sweet


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3 responses to “The trouble with affirmative action

  1. sunbeam43

    Just an observation…….what is with the blonde hair! Is she not proud of her “African-American” heritage and her black hair???!!! Always amazes me that they spew Af-Am diatribes and then dye their hair to be like the whitey! Hypocrites anyone!?

  2. Atticus

    You also had that fake Native American fired in Colorado:

    …In June 2005, the Rocky Mountain News published an article about Churchill’s genealogy and family history. It “turned up no evidence of a single Indian ancestor” among 142 direct ancestors [of Churchill’s] identified from records.[32] The News reported that both Churchill’s birth parents were listed as white on the 1930 census, as were all but two of his great-great-grandparents listed on previous census and other official documents.[28] The News found that some of Churchill’s accounts of where his ancestors had lived did not agree with documented records. Numerous members of Churchill’s extended family have longstanding family legends of Indian ancestry among ancestors;[28] but, none were confirmed among the 142 direct forebears of Churchill who were identified.[32]
    Documents in Churchill’s university personnel file show that he was granted tenure in a “special opportunity position.”[18] In 1994, then CU-Boulder Chancellor James Corbridge refused to take action on allegations that Churchill was fraudulently claiming to be an Indian, saying “it has always been university policy that a person’s race or ethnicity is self-proving.”[33]