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How does one define “bubble”?

BusinessInsider, of course, says that the stock market’s performance is making fools of the bears and I suppose it is, for now, but when I hear “experts” cheering a decline in housing starts as good news, and the rise in stock prices as earnings expectations go down, I wonder who exactly is the fool.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 10.17.00 PM


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Colorado House votes to disarm its citizens but that won’t leave them defenseless

Officer Friendly – that would be Colorado College’s Safety patrol – suggests women vomit or pee to gross out rapists. Much safer for everyone because, as we all know, women are flighty, nervous things, likely to fly off the handle at the least provocation:

 Democratic state Rep. Joe Salazar made commentsduring Friday’s debate arguing that students should not have access to guns to protect themselves from being raped.

“It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles,” Salazar said, according to KDVR News. “Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop — pop around at somebody.”


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But why not? Under socialism, one woman’s needs create an obligation for others to meet them

Frost Family outing

Frost Family outing

Unemployed mother of eleven receives the 6 bedroom, £400,000 new house she’s demanded, “and if I don’t like it they’ll just have to build me another one.”

“She treats her womb like a clown car,” one disgruntled taxpayer complains, but what has she done objectionable? Once they accepted the principle of collectivism, how can any Englishman judge between the merits of her needs and those of, say, a mother of one? In fact, Miss Frost’s needs are greater, so she deserves priority.

With six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge kitchen and the very latest in energy-saving eco-friendly design, it is a house that a great many of us would be very happy to buy and move into.

We’d probably be even happier – and perhaps a little humbled – if it was being specifically built for us and paid for by the taxpayer.

But not Heather Frost.

Far from simply being grateful for her good fortune, the jobless mother of 11 says that if she doesn’t like the house she’ll just tell the council to build her another one.

She is due to move into the property – valued at £400,000 – in July after ‘struggling’ to survive in two adjacent houses in Churchdown, Gloucestershire, which have been joined together by the council.

Her new home will slash water and energy bills with its modern design using natural, locally-sourced materials. Extra large windows will fill it with natural light.

But Miss Frost, 37, who is also a grandmother, said the move is still subject to her approving the two-storey accommodation with its 355sq ft kitchen and dining area.

Neighbours say Frost currently lives with 14 people: all her eleven children, two grandchildren and her partner Jake, who they claim is also unemployed.

‘It’s being built especially for me,’ she said. ‘If I go there and I say to them I don’t like it or it’s too small, then they will just have to build me a bigger one, won’t they?’

Miss Frost says living in her current accommodation has been a nightmare. A minibus and two battered cars were parked on the lawn of the house yesterday.

UPDATE:  FU and the horse you rode in on. Turns out that British taxpayers are also paying £65 month to stable the Frost family’s horse.


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Finally, some new listings

27 today: that includes some rentals, condos and a number of retreads but still, an encouraging sign. Here are some of interest:

1 North Street, the North Street in Cos Cob off Valley Road, is priced at $799,000. It sold for $880,000 in 2008 so that sounds like a pretty good deal. I really like this neighborhood, but be warned:  the houses are mostly high on a hill with limited, but by no means non-existent back yards. Nice old houses, modestly restored. I think this is a pretty nifty micro-neighborhood of interesting homes – you might like it too.

17 Ronald, also off Valley, is far more conventional but at $935,000, not a crazy price.

There are two land parcels on the Midwood off Glenville Road, one, 24 Midwood, is an acre, priced at $1.2 million and the other, 2 Midwood, is two acres, $1.350. Same owner, but I don’t know if the two parcels are abutting – guess I’ll find out. It’s the R-1 zone, Glenville, Western school districts. Close to all the private schools, if that matters to you.

152 Lockwood in Riverside, $1.995. I haven’t seen it yet. Kind of built into the hill but there may be more yard behind.

62 Wesskum seems to present an opportunity to gauge the market. It sold for $2.205 million in 2005, again in 2009 for $2.025 and now it’s asking, with no changes worth noting on its listing sheet, $2.550 million. Has Riverside really gone up so much? We’ll find out.

150 Bedford/Cutler Road is 12 acres, asking $3.6, or $2.5 for eight and $900,000 for the other four acres. I might offer the 8-acre price and demand that the other 4 be tossed in for free, but that’s just because I’m pushy.

17 Dorchester in Riverside is back, asking $2.825 million. It sold for $2.875 in 2008, so obviously its owner and the owner of 62 Wesskum Wood aren’t talking to each other about Riverside market trends.


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Not exactly what I was looking for

Wild turkey season approaches and I thought it might be useful to blend into the woods so I could slaughter the poor things unseen. A Google for “camo pants” turned up this. Turkey hunter? Pshaw.

A hunting we will go

A hunting we will go


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Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker

Ogden Nash Photography Studios

Photos by Ogden Nash Studios?

I’m not really saying that whoever took the photographs of 11 Dandy Drive was tipsy at the time (it’s an Ogden Nash witticism and irresistible, given the street’s name) but the fact that the house has an accepted offer after just 40 days is proof that ultimately price – $839,000 – will win out, despite some of the worst interior shots of a home I’ve seen in some time. Dandy’s an okay street and for a starter home, $839 is a very decent price.

A number of lower-end properties came on today but I’ve sent them along to my clients. The rest of you will have to wait for a discussion.


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Open house day, but still not much out there

I think this week it’s the private school families’ turn to flee town, so maybe next week?


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They may be cheap now, but wait til they hit our pension roll


Somewhere out there there are counterfeit beach cards, Rusty - let's go get 'em!

Somewhere out there there are counterfeit beach cards, Rusty – let’s go get ’em!

Greenwich adds a second police dog to the ranks.  He looks okay, but I’d have preferred to have brought Peach over from England – he’s got a proven record.


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“Shared sacrifice”: that means you and I sacrifice to send the president on a million-dollar golf weekend

It's good to be king - not so good to have one

It’s good to be king – not so good to have one

No wonder the White House wouldn’t allow the press anywhere near the putting green.

The trip was far from a little getaway, as he made his way to the golf course by way of Chicago on Friday and that is when the costs started piling up.

ABC News reported that in 2012, it cost $179,750 per flight hour to run Air Force One.

Going off that rate- even though it is likely higher now since gas prices have risen- the cost of the flights to Florida and back to Washington on Monday totaled $943,687.50.

And the price tag quoted doesn’t even come close to covering the entire cost:

He rented out all three of the four-bedroom guest cottages on the grounds of The Floridian for the whole of the long weekend, as well about 20 hotel rooms from the nearby Holiday Inn- which is about 20 minutes drive from the course- for his traveling entourage of press and security.

Expectantly, their price differentials are significant, as one night in a guest cottage costs $1,500 while the Holiday Inn told MailOnline that they charged the government per-diem rate of $77 per room.

On top of the logistical expenses, the whole point of the trip was to relax on the golf course, which involves a whole host of expenses in itself.

Guest greens fees at The Floridian are $300 per person, and each player hires a caddy who costs $200 per round.

For three guests to play two rounds of golf over the weekend, greens fees come to $1,800 and the caddies fees for the foursome total $1,600.

The Floridian also features a gourmet dining room, full service spa and a marina with 68 boat slips so members can arrange to go on fishing outings during their stay. Because the press were banned from getting past the maintenance shed outside of the gates of the club, it is not known whether the President indulged in any of those amenities.

The golf club’s rules stipulate that all expenses incurred by guests are paid for by their member counter part. In this case, that means that the club’s owner Jim Crane- who is also a Democratic donor- likely paid for all of the charges and is being reimbursed either in full or part.

Another personal expense that Mr Obama racked up came from the eight hour one-on-one lesson with golf pro Mr Harmon. Since those lessons typically cost $3,000, that means that Mr Obama’s bill came to a tidy $24,000 after his intensive session on Saturday.

Is  this a great country or what? An associate law school instructor turned community organizer with no appreciable talent can become President of the United States and start living like his new billionaire friends, private his and her jets, separate vacations for himself and his affirmative-action, equally untalented wife, million dollar weekend getaways, and a band that strikes up whenever he appears, all paid for by taxpayers. Fantastic.


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