Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker

Ogden Nash Photography Studios

Photos by Ogden Nash Studios?

I’m not really saying that whoever took the photographs of 11 Dandy Drive was tipsy at the time (it’s an Ogden Nash witticism and irresistible, given the street’s name) but the fact that the house has an accepted offer after just 40 days is proof that ultimately price – $839,000 – will win out, despite some of the worst interior shots of a home I’ve seen in some time. Dandy’s an okay street and for a starter home, $839 is a very decent price.

A number of lower-end properties came on today but I’ve sent them along to my clients. The rest of you will have to wait for a discussion.


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12 responses to “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker

  1. InfoDiva

    Looks like they were taken with an iPhone or something.
    Bad photography aside, I continue to be amazed by the lack of even the most basic primping for houses under about $1.5M in this town. Dog food bowls, rumpled beds….what are people thinking?

  2. Mickster

    Quite often homes with seem to show no regard for the sales process reflect a certain level of distress, whether it be financial and/or marital. Sellers just want to be done with the process, not realizing that the less trouble they go to in order to sell, the longer the sales process.

  3. InfoDiva

    I’ve seen vacant homes that are just awful–a few old pieces of furniture left lying around, broken shades, etc. You would think that the listing agent, who is making a chunk of change on almost any transaction in this town, would at least make some effort to straighten the place up even if the owner won’t.

    • Mickster

      Absolutely InfoDiva, but some homeowners are EXTREMELY sensitive to suggestions about how to improve the ‘look’ of the home. I naievely had a interior decorator suggest some minor changes to a client years ago and she was highly offended and I lost the listing. It took 2 years for the other agent to sell but…

      • InfoDiva

        I think a vacant house is a different story. The last vacant house I was in had old, stained bath towels protecting the carpet at the entry way. The listing agent should be ashamed of herself for not spending a few bucks on mats and booties if the carpet is so precious.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree that ultimately price is the key factor for a house to get sold. Chris, would you also please share some thoughts regarding 128 riverside ave (also under $1m but still on market even after price reduction)? Thanks.

  5. InfoDiva

    Right-sized buyer indeed! The one full bathroom at 128 Riverside has an ancient, stained tub /shower combo that would be a challenge for anyone over five feet tall.

  6. Peg

    One man’s low end is another woman’s lovely listing! I gotta get all you east coasters to come to MN. Not only do you get pretty nice digs for this price – you get half decent photography, too!

  7. Anonymous

    I’ve been to MN, many times, and apart from the 1.5 months of hospitable climate, you can have it.

    The interconnecting tubes downtown are interesting. Kind of gets your ready for life on Jupiter.

  8. Fred2

    Yeah, the photography is inexcusable. Seriously.

    Rumpled beds, crappy this or that, all that I can live with, I’m not buying the prior owners lifestyle.

    But useless, washed out photo’s… that’s just unprofessional salesmanship. Get/borrow a decent camera with good lens and a good indirect flash. Take a class or get a professional photographer to walk you through the basics one afternoon.