Finally, some new listings

27 today: that includes some rentals, condos and a number of retreads but still, an encouraging sign. Here are some of interest:

1 North Street, the North Street in Cos Cob off Valley Road, is priced at $799,000. It sold for $880,000 in 2008 so that sounds like a pretty good deal. I really like this neighborhood, but be warned:  the houses are mostly high on a hill with limited, but by no means non-existent back yards. Nice old houses, modestly restored. I think this is a pretty nifty micro-neighborhood of interesting homes – you might like it too.

17 Ronald, also off Valley, is far more conventional but at $935,000, not a crazy price.

There are two land parcels on the Midwood off Glenville Road, one, 24 Midwood, is an acre, priced at $1.2 million and the other, 2 Midwood, is two acres, $1.350. Same owner, but I don’t know if the two parcels are abutting – guess I’ll find out. It’s the R-1 zone, Glenville, Western school districts. Close to all the private schools, if that matters to you.

152 Lockwood in Riverside, $1.995. I haven’t seen it yet. Kind of built into the hill but there may be more yard behind.

62 Wesskum seems to present an opportunity to gauge the market. It sold for $2.205 million in 2005, again in 2009 for $2.025 and now it’s asking, with no changes worth noting on its listing sheet, $2.550 million. Has Riverside really gone up so much? We’ll find out.

150 Bedford/Cutler Road is 12 acres, asking $3.6, or $2.5 for eight and $900,000 for the other four acres. I might offer the 8-acre price and demand that the other 4 be tossed in for free, but that’s just because I’m pushy.

17 Dorchester in Riverside is back, asking $2.825 million. It sold for $2.875 in 2008, so obviously its owner and the owner of 62 Wesskum Wood aren’t talking to each other about Riverside market trends.


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20 responses to “Finally, some new listings

  1. anonymous

    Apparently there is a valueless house on Bedford.

  2. Anonymous

    2 Midwood seems remarkably cheap.

    • It does, so there must be something dreadfully wrong with it. Or at least, that’s usually the explanation for an extremely low price in real estate. I haven’t seen the place yet, and it’s always possible that the late owner left instructions to sell it off to the needy, but deserving poor.

    • Westchesterer

      2 Midwood has a pond in the center of the property. I don’t know the zoning code in Greenwich, setbacks from watercourses and ponds, but i’m assuming it will have an impact for approval. It will be problematic to build around the pond.

      • Westchesterer

        24 Midwood will lose a significant chunk of land in it’s FAR calculation due to the access strip subtracting from calculated FAR. I also don’t know if the access strip conforms to 35 foot maximum and 20 foot minimum in greenwich zoning code.

  3. Fred

    Was that really a guitar used as a ceiling fixture in 1 north? Cute otherwise.

  4. KMA

    Wow..those homes seem overvalued in Riverside. But then again, as you point out so many times, Riverside is overvalued. I95 noise and cramped land space put a damper on it. Walk to this, walk to that..who cares?

  5. OG

    CF – I know you’re a lawyer, and hopefully you protected the brand of this great site you have built. Did you notice that local resident (and Howard Stern producer) has designs on your brand?

    • Well, you can’t copyright a title, and certainly the phrase wasn’t coined by me, so what the heck. Besides, he once emailed me – he’s a fan! Go for it, Baba Booey!

  6. D

    What did you think about 152 Lockwood? Given that its Riverside elementary, and crumby 1/3rd acre lots go for $1.4-$1.7, even with a limited yard this seems like a good deal at under $2M. Begs the question, what’s wrong with it? Yard might be terraced, sure, but that doesn’t seem to do it… especially walking distance to Binney & OG.

    • I haven’t seen it yet – open house is Thursday – but I don’t imagine there’s anything “wrong” with it. Owner is an experienced real estate agent and unlike some of her peers, seems to actually want to sell her house and has therefore priced it accordingly.

      • D

        Well, not much rational going on in Riverside these days, but seems to me she’s done it right. This should have a deal in short order. Curious what you think when you walk it…

  7. Anonymous

    460 dollars/sq.ft for Lockwood. Simply amazing.
    Chris, find me a house in that neighborhood for that price/sq.ft snd I only need 2000 sq.ft
    I will cut a check immediately.

    • The trouble is, you run hard against the basic value of land – 2,000 sq.ft. X $460 = $920,000, and almost any building lot in Riverside is worth at least that much and often far more. Still, there are plenty of older homes that are pretty much valued as worthless, so if you can make do with an older home and can either do your own renovations or find a builder who isn’t extremely expensive, and they do exist, you can get into fair Riverside at a not-ridiculous price by merely paying land value.

  8. Anonymous

    Millions of people in NYC seem to care…all they care about is clubing, getting drunk and making the next score.

  9. Anonymous

    Whereas in Greenwich all people seem to care about is going to the right clubs, getting functionally drunk while not looking foolish in the society pages in Greenwich Magazine, and scoring with the nanny.