Not exactly what I was looking for

Wild turkey season approaches and I thought it might be useful to blend into the woods so I could slaughter the poor things unseen. A Google for “camo pants” turned up this. Turkey hunter? Pshaw.

A hunting we will go

A hunting we will go


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11 responses to “Not exactly what I was looking for

  1. anon

    turkey hunting? what happened to sitting on a beach in hawaii, listening to daughter and band sing?

    • She’s back in California – I’m planning a deer hunt with some of her band members, all of whom are rural boys with access to their daddies’ farms. Hooeee!

      • Mickster

        Save yourself some time, money and ammo. Go over to Harding Road, park halfway up the road, open the back of your pick-up and throw some feed on the ground between Binney Woods (?) and you and wait. I figure you could probably bag a dozen in a couple of hours, you Big White Hunter you! ….dont worry about the pants…

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    So apparently news reader Van Morrison and his cute as a button, soon to be ex-wife Ashley (and new BFF to ME!!) have a history of domestic violence:

    Van apparently likes to drink and watch porn on the internet. I certainly hope that is not what made Ashley upset. And in one police incident report from 2004, SHE was accused of slapping and punching him around in front of guests at their home in January 2004!! So she likes to play rough Dude!!

    I can handle that!! In fact I like it!! She can bitch slap me around like a punch drunk love puppet. If she talks dirty to me while doing it, I may marry her.

    Did you contact her yet? These two are splitsville for sure. Get her out of that decrepit cow town of Darian and show her Greenwich. Stuff like this never happens here.

    Your Pal,

  3. Shoeless


    You missed the bubbly Aussie in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot. Keep up, man!

  4. Anonymous

    Did you google camo pants or capri?

  5. AJ

    Shooting turkeys? Where’s the sport in that? Now the DHS is practicing shooting grandmothers and pregnant woman in case you’re wondering what all the hollow point bullets are for.

    ‘DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners’

    ‘Company produces cardboard cut-outs of “non-traditional threats”: Pregnant women, elderly & children’

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    This Van Morrison story is getting interesting. He apparently threatened to kill my new little stud muffin Ashley:

    And we know he is a LIAR!! In his prepared statement, he said “I have never laid my hands on my wife.” Anyone who gets a peek at her love puppies will never believe that!! Unless he is Liberace:

    You think those are store bought Dude? WHO CARES!! And he was apparently boinking an intern, that heathen. Any chance you and Ms. McBeal ran across these two while you were investigating the New Canaan wife swapping sexpose? Which I am still waiting to read, BTW.

    And what would make these two settle in Darien? It’s a dump, and really a suburb of Norwalk. The HoJo’s closed so what is left? And where is Alex Kelley?

    Your Pal,