They may be cheap now, but wait til they hit our pension roll


Somewhere out there there are counterfeit beach cards, Rusty - let's go get 'em!

Somewhere out there there are counterfeit beach cards, Rusty – let’s go get ’em!

Greenwich adds a second police dog to the ranks.  He looks okay, but I’d have preferred to have brought Peach over from England – he’s got a proven record.


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12 responses to “They may be cheap now, but wait til they hit our pension roll

  1. iAnon

    What the GPD really needs is the newest Marine Corps dog, Chesty, or Pfc. Chesty XIV. Not named after Rob Morrison’s wife, but after Marine Hero, Lewis “Chesty” Puller.

    • How about “Keegan”? Always wanted an opportunity to tell at least one of them to “roll over!” and “Sit!”

      • iAnon

        I bet you did! Walt may have already rolled over a Keegan.

        I’d like to ask GPD Folk why the dog had to come from the Czech Republic? An illegal? Undocumented? No pension for him! Surely there are breeders of police dogs in the USA.

        • Hey, maybe we can call him “Duke”, instead! Sounds more doggish, yet still carries the Keegan brand. Of course, school kids would love a police dog named “Tommy” – it’s cute.

          I think the Czech thing must be some open border idea of Obama’s, no?

  2. Al Dente

    Filet mignon for the K9, plus all his bitches and pups for life.

  3. GPD Folk

    ianon@1008am…the breeder we use gets the dogs from Czech Rep. my understanding is that’s where the best of the breed come from. There’s alot of pre-training training that takes place at the breeders…side note: Ivan Lendl (when he was in Town) was a big supporter of the GPD K9 program and provided The Dept. with the first dog, Yogi. He also provided his friend Wojtek Fibak w/ some attack dogs that I met “the Hard way” but that’s another story…..PS….. Christopher, I vote for Duke…Tommy doesn’t cut it!

    • iAnon

      just yanking your chain. i don’t care where the dog comes from. I love pooches, love german and belgian shepherds. glad the department has a new loyal member.

      • GPD Folk

        No worries ianon….always try to answer the questions posters have…the dogs are something…alot of work involved…let’s hope this new one is as good as his predecessors…thanks for your support!

  4. Mickster

    what we need are sniffer dogs up at the High School…

  5. Voting for the Dog

    I think any criminal would be more frightened pursued by a fearless K9 than any human, especially if K9 had a bullet proof vest.