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At long last hope

Old nag

Old nag

Scientists discover the brain defect that causes women to talk so much. Now all we need is a bit of genetic modification and a blissful silence will settle or’ the world. Faster, please.


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Ah, eeew?

Tourist’s naked body found decomposing in LA hotel’s rooftop water tank. One guest who’d brushed her teeth in the stuff this morning told a reporter she was leaving for another hotel. Ordinarily I scoff at what I perceive to be oversensitive reactions to the ordinary events of life, but in this case I’d be just slightly ahead of that lady.


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This just isn’t that difficult

Problem: sequester cuts will affect TSA, which threatens three-hour security lines at airports in retaliation. Solution: abolish the security check first, then the TSA, then the entire Homeland Security Agency. Saving: billions upon billions. Net effect on safety? Zero.

Next problem? How’s the Department of Agriculture working out? Energy? Education? I could go on.

UPDATE: here, thanks to reader ML, is an example of whose services we’d have to do without: TSA agents detain three-year-old in wheelchair, lie to her mother about the legality of filming them (it is) and confiscate the child’s teddy bear to punish her parents for complaining.

UPDATE II: I forgot – yesterday morning I drove my daughter to Kennedy and, not seeing her airline at the terminal, she hopped out and approached a genuine TSA security guard. He was busy dozing, earphones in and leaning against a wall, but, stirred out of his somnolence by Sara’s question as to where to find US Air, managed to mutter “I don’t know”, and returned to his nap. This is the man who is supposed to be keeping you and me safe. This man and all his coworkers  should be returned to the welfare rolls from whence they came.


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Land sale or residential?

30 khakum30 Khakum Wood Road has sold for $3.252 million, 452 DOM, original list price $4.695. (That’s about 69% of the asking price but watch the Greenwich Multiple Listing Service scootch it up to a more cheery-sounding ratio). It’s two-acres and one old, smallish (3,600 sq.ft.) house in a prestigious neighborhood. I’m guessing that the house is destined for a dumpster dive and if so then you know what a 2-acre lot in Khakum Wood is worth these days. Of course, someone could be buying to downsize, so then you’ll have to allocate some of the sale price to the building. Wait and see.


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Can Obama really bring down the country in just eight years?

We're in safe hands?

We’re in safe hands?

He’s certainly trying to, and watching him accelerate his efforts now, at the start of his second term, I’m beginning to fear that he really can do it.

Today his – our – Secretary of State gave his first official policy speech and devoted it to global warming. And it gets worse, assuming you prefer serious people handling our affairs of state:

 [M] idway through the climate change section, Kerry paused. “Can we all say thank you and to our signers?” the secretary of state said referencing those who were translating his speech into sign language. (audience applause)

Persistent unemployment, ruinous debt, the Middle East on the verge of exploding, Obama ignores it all and is instead focused like a laser on global warming, unleashing his EPA on industry, shutting down the economy by executive fiat, and pushing a fool like Kerry onto the world stage. Coupled with his choice to dismantle our national defense, we’re in danger of having our own leader do to us what our worst enemies couldn’t accomplish in almost two hundred and fifty years of trying. Fear for our children.

Hell, fear for us.


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And back for another try …


64 Howard Rd

64 Howard Rd (nice grass, for February)

64 Howard Road has returned, still asking $2.695.  The owner, a perky TV personality I remember from Bangor, Maine back in 1981 (and that has exactly nothing to do with anything), paid $2.775 for the place in 2004, so her attachment to this price is understandable, but after 724 days on the market it may be time to concede a little ground.

I did like this house when I saw it and I didn’t think its price was unreasonable, but north eastern Greenwich has always been a tough sell, and Howard Road is about as far northeast as you can go in Greenwich without paying Stamford taxes. Which is to say, it’s a long way from nowhere.


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Old Greenwich south of the Village


9 Lockwood Ave

9 Lockwood Ave

9 Lockwood Avenue, $3.375 million, sold for $3.075 in 2008 with improvements since then, it says here. Your classic OG 0.3 of an acre.


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