And back for another try …


64 Howard Rd

64 Howard Rd (nice grass, for February)

64 Howard Road has returned, still asking $2.695.  The owner, a perky TV personality I remember from Bangor, Maine back in 1981 (and that has exactly nothing to do with anything), paid $2.775 for the place in 2004, so her attachment to this price is understandable, but after 724 days on the market it may be time to concede a little ground.

I did like this house when I saw it and I didn’t think its price was unreasonable, but north eastern Greenwich has always been a tough sell, and Howard Road is about as far northeast as you can go in Greenwich without paying Stamford taxes. Which is to say, it’s a long way from nowhere.


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10 responses to “And back for another try …

  1. D

    There was a place right behind this house (80 Howard?) that was a land sale with a funky little house on it. Any idea what happened to it?

    I’ve driven by this place when I was checking out the aforementioned funky house just for fun (a normal resident will never drive by this place, except on purpose) – I remember it looked really great from the street. Also, with the Mianus River preserve across the street – you really feel like you’re out in the woods. If that’s what you like – you’ll really like this place.

    • 80 Howard went back to the bank, which was owed something like $1.2 million. Title is now held in something called “80 Howard Rd LLC” but whether that’s part of the bank or a third party,I don’t know.

  2. anon

    Howard is a pretty street but a mixed bag of houses. Gorgeous homes like this one and the one that’s behind the giant hedge at the corner of Howard but faces Taconic, but others, not so much. There was a teeny but adorable house on Howard for sale last year, on the left as you come off Taconic. A weekender. I wonder if it sold. The upside of this location, before Cohen heads off to the slammer, his house on Crown is a golf cart ride away to borrow a cup of sugar.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Be careful not to get caught here in Waziristan. Without sufficient notice of your presence here, I might not be able to execute a timely extraction op.

  4. Anonymous

    I love this area of town. That Reserve is the best kept secret in Greenwich. Huge open trails, and very few people. Perfect for a weekend getaway, or if you just like space between your house and your neighbor’s. Very, very quiet up this way.

  5. anonymous

    I looked at the Howard Rd land sale parcel, which was next to this property, about a year ago. At the time it was held by a bank, and was subsequently sold to a private, who is going to build. In walking that property, which is actually on higher ground than # 64 above, my feet were submerged into mud, not a good sign, and possibly why 64 hasn’t sold.

  6. Anonymous

    Where are the new listings in riverside So of rt.1??

  7. Anonymous

    that orange & green house on howard (at taconic) is still on mkt. it’s been for sale for at least 2 years off & on. is that held by a bank (i.e..a short sale or fc listing)?

    • anon

      I mean the huge white one, with a pool in the back behind the enormous hedge. I think its all white, not a speck of orange and green. The front of the house faces Taconic but the drive is the first one on the left on Howard. A gorgeous barn/garage, also white.

  8. Mickster

    Love that house…