And it’s back

Never before seen in the annals of greenwich house building!

Never before seen in the annals of Greenwich house building!

85 Taconic road has returned to the market, asking $5.595 million. It sold for $5.850 in June, 2007, and that probably seemed like a bargain at the time because the builder had started off 470 days before at $6.995. I’m not so sure it was. To my jaundiced eye, the neo-shingle-style-Victorian-eclectic look grew tiresome when it first appeared around 2000, and now, 13 years later, the product looks like cookie-cutter clutter, spread throughout the mid and back country.

But that’s just me – I presume buyers in this range still like them because builders are still building them and used ones still sell. If I remember this one, it was built on so-so land but is quite nice inside, if you like this sort of thing. What I do remember vividly is the aluminum dryer vent sticking out of a side wall, a cheap touch that jarred on a $6 million home. The new owners have probably fixed that and I mention it only to illustrate what can stick in the memory.

So there it is, and you can buy it. It does have a convenient location going for it and again, my sense of style in no way reflects the market; in fact, it’s quite the other way around, and the more I like a house, the longer it takes to sell, generally. So take this review for exactly what it’s worth (to steal a phrase from Baba Booey).


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6 responses to “And it’s back

  1. cookie cutter is too nice…Newgotechture is correct ID

  2. Chris R.

    wow! someone is quite the award winner in that house.

  3. Anonymous

    I like the neo-shingle style, this is not the best example, but I prefer this style to the Mariani turbo Georgian any day

  4. dogwalker

    When I saw the paper this a.m., I wondered whether you were going to pursue trademark infringement (or whatever).

  5. Anonymous

    A few of the photos have a slight blur, most likely caused by….uh duh the
    MERRITT PARKWAY in the backyard.

  6. dogwalker I AGREE
    he should hire a…lawyer….HIMSELF !