Contract on Dunwoodie and a new listing on Copper Beech

Plain vanilla on Dunwoodie Place

Plain vanilla on Dunwoodie Place

35 Dunwoodie Place has a contract, last asking price $2.195 (down from $2.495). It’s a 1964 house that the tax card says was “effectively built” in 1975, which indicates a complete rebuild then. Sellers paid $2.125 in 2004 so assuming they did nothing significant to it during their ownership, and the listing reflects no such work, and assuming there was some negotiating off that final asking price, it appears that they’re back to 2004 – we’ve been hanging around the 2003 level (or below) since 2009, so this may be indicative of a slight tick upward, or just an exception. Two acres.

And 17 Copper Beech, an old, renovated and expanded – 6,000 sq.ft now) carriage house is new, at $3.995. The owners paid $3.7 for it in 2003 and according to the listing did some renovating in 2008. Depending on how extensive that renovation was and how low you can work the price down, you could possibly buy this at its 2003 price and get lots of nice reno work tossed in for free. 1.5 acres, close to town, nice place.

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