From Obama’s home state, Democratic voting practices Chicago Style

I didn' steal notin'. I just seen my opportunities and I took 'em.

I didn’ steal notin’. I just seen my opportunities and I took ’em.

Democrat poll worker Melowese Richardson has admitted voting twice for her man because “I wanted my vote to count”, and it now looks as though she’s got four more votes to her record. A poll worker’s job, presumably, is to monitor the polls and make sure that everyone casts one, and only one ballot. And it’s not just six votes: if the lady shows such contempt for the “one man, one vote” principle in her own voting, how many more fraudulent voters did she usher past her booth? When Democrats denounce attempts to combat voter fraud as “racist”, they really mean that enforcement of the law would prevent Melowese and her friends from voting as often as they’d like to. And where would Democrats be then?


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10 responses to “From Obama’s home state, Democratic voting practices Chicago Style

  1. Only recently discovered your blog, and really enjoy your perspective. Just wanted to point out that while Ms Richardson is certainly practicing Chicago style voting she is located in Cincinnati Ohio. Next Board of Elections meeting is this Friday at 2pm. Ms Richardson is expected to testify.
    Last week it was discovered that Obama campaign workers may have been going door to door to collect completed Absentee Ballots. This is a 4th degree felony in Ohio. The Dems on the Bd of Elections are not interested in investigating this furthet. Go figure.

  2. boredatwork

    I am fed up with how Dems whine on about how there is no evidence of voter fraud and how it’s just a racist plot by the GOP to disenfranchise the poor and minorities. Maybe they will actually stop doing so if enough stories like this one come out. No, what I am I thinking, of course they won’t stop, they’ll just denounce the reporters as racist too.

    • Peg

      Of course they won’t stop, and of course they’ll keep on blaming all of it on racism.

      We have identification and controls that you are who you say you are for a myriad of tasks in modern life. One need only go through a security line at an airport (as I did yesterday) to appreciate how invasive and time consuming this can be.

      Yet – somehow – when it comes to our voting rights and the “one man; one vote” principle, asking that voters actually confirm they are who they say they are and that casting only one vote per election somehow means we want to return to Jim Crow America.

      C’mon, America. Real racism is ugly and wrong. Voter ID and vote integrity? They just protecting the rights of all of our citizens…….

  3. Al Dente

    Boredatwork, you are a racist. Now get to work.

  4. ML

    How did you miss this one?? My mom used to buy us beer at 18 but this is much more fun!!

  5. Walt

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  6. boredatwork

    It’s a fair cop, Al. Greenwich Library is also racist, of course, because you have to show ID to get a library card.

  7. Atticus

    Didn’t the Dems just change CT law so that it forbids towns from requiring voter ID? That plus walk in same day registration should make fraud much easier than last time.

  8. dogwalker

    Oh, both sides do it . . . hanging shads, stuffing the ballot box . . . meanwhile Canada is going down the tube faster than we are: