New listing on Byfield

3 Byfield

3 Byfield

Byfield is not a street that’s commanded high prices in the past, but #3, new to the market today, asks $2.195, which is probably in the ballpark. Built in 1963, unspecified “renovations” performed in 2013 (which, since it’s still just mid-February, was quick work). The house was bought for $1.8 million in 2011.

I don’t think I ever saw this house when it was last for sale in 2008 (and continuing to 2011) because it started at $2.995 million, a figure so ridiculous that I never bothered to stop in. Those owners obviously got serious after three years and sold it. I’ll be curious to see it tomorrow and check out what’s been done to justify the $395,000 jump.


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8 responses to “New listing on Byfield

  1. Central Gwich

    $2 million? I don’t think that’s anywhere close to realistic. Land value is probably 1.4. The house from the exterior looks modular, and the windows are crooked. Nice enough on the inside, but would not be surprised to see a teardown.

  2. A really Whitehouse

    Enjoyed the picture comments…Bear not dangerous….
    A talented architect could add character to the outside and the interior
    for few $100,000. I think a steeper roof pitch would do wonders but is expensive.

    • Penny Lane

      Agree, the photo comments MAKE the listing. Very creative, expressive, and fun. Three cheers to who(m)ever did that. He/she should stand up and take a bow here. Usually it’s one caption, Front, no matter the photo!

  3. anonymous

    Nice Home Depot makeover. Hope they used their AmEx card and got points. Love the exposed ductwork in the cellar, errr, lower level.

    • Looks like a combination ikea / Home Depot fusion renovation. .. I call this rumplestiltskin, turning straw into gold… This place still beats the tsoi place for the value on Byfield.


  4. Anonymous

    Holy Moly- 18 Byfield is a monster! Is that a chess board?

  5. Louise

    Saw the house.. Very neutral, nothing too exciting. Pricing seems ok. Lowest price per square foot that I can find in this location.