Old Greenwich south of the Village


9 Lockwood Ave

9 Lockwood Ave

9 Lockwood Avenue, $3.375 million, sold for $3.075 in 2008 with improvements since then, it says here. Your classic OG 0.3 of an acre.


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3 responses to “Old Greenwich south of the Village

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    So what the hell is this all about? Joint morphing back into a Real Estate blog?

  2. firsttimebuyer

    Hey! Some of us enjoy the politics but need to find a house. This is the place for the inside story. Not hearing it anywhere else!

  3. OG Gal

    That house was extensively renovated by the previous owners. It seems like a big price increase, considering the house was pristine when they bought it. I wonder what “renovations” the new owners are claiming? I live around the corner and have never seen work being done so the “renovations” must have been minor.