Proof that working for the government lowers your IQ

Jews are pretty smart, right? So how can municipal workers in Tel Aviv paint a handicapped parking space around a car and then tow it? 

[T] he city has since apologized and admitted this was a case of “incompetence.”

They say incompetence, I say it’s the direct, inevitable result when ordinary humans join the municipal workforce and surrender their brains to their employer.

(H/T, Peg)


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4 responses to “Proof that working for the government lowers your IQ

  1. Anonymous

    i know some jews that are not too bright – this proves it no>?

    • No no, it just demonstrates what happens when you work for the government – hence, that famous ad campaign, directed at bureaucrats: “Don’t help a smart Jew go stupid – fire him!”

  2. iAnon

    But cool way the car is towed. I’ve never seen one lifted up and over like that, hoisted on its own petard so to speak.

  3. David Smith

    Incompetent? Or sense of humor?