This just isn’t that difficult

Problem: sequester cuts will affect TSA, which threatens three-hour security lines at airports in retaliation. Solution: abolish the security check first, then the TSA, then the entire Homeland Security Agency. Saving: billions upon billions. Net effect on safety? Zero.

Next problem? How’s the Department of Agriculture working out? Energy? Education? I could go on.

UPDATE: here, thanks to reader ML, is an example of whose services we’d have to do without: TSA agents detain three-year-old in wheelchair, lie to her mother about the legality of filming them (it is) and confiscate the child’s teddy bear to punish her parents for complaining.

UPDATE II: I forgot – yesterday morning I drove my daughter to Kennedy and, not seeing her airline at the terminal, she hopped out and approached a genuine TSA security guard. He was busy dozing, earphones in and leaning against a wall, but, stirred out of his somnolence by Sara’s question as to where to find US Air, managed to mutter “I don’t know”, and returned to his nap. This is the man who is supposed to be keeping you and me safe. This man and all his coworkers  should be returned to the welfare rolls from whence they came.


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8 responses to “This just isn’t that difficult

  1. TheWizard

    I notice nobody talks about laying off bureaucrats, or maybe cutting off government pensions.
    No, it’s always police and ambulance that are first to go.
    And people keep falling for the trick.
    We are doomed.

    • Oldest trick in the book – Obama’s playing it now, as we speak. Years ago, faced with a demand that it cut its budget by an LRCH, our own GPD promptly fired all the school crossing guards at a saving of $5 per hour each. “You want austerity?, okay we’ll give you austerity – hope you like your dead little kid.”
      Oldest trick in the book.

      • TheWizard

        One would think after decades of this the republicans would have thought up an effective counter.
        I think my mistake was assuming they actually want to.

        • Anon

          So very true. Sad as well. But don’t forget, even if the Rs had a plan, no TV channel would invite them other than Fox. It’s a lose-lose. Obama has the Rs by the shorthairs. And from what I’ve heard, that’s how he likes it!

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve seen that TSA video and I gotta say, the mother gets an F in my book. She goaded and baited the child to misbehave, hoping I guess that they’d have a viral you tube video. I think it’s the obligation of parents to explain to little kids that at the airport they will be touched. Doesn’t mean that an agent won’t go too far but some parents are just STUPID.

    • Anonymous

      You’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, sympathizing with the TSA. Like a lot of other Americans, you have already surrendered.

      Eff the TSA.

  3. anonymous

    “from whence” is redundant. “whence” means that alone.

    • It was good enough for ol’ King James: Psalm 121: “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help”. Technically, you’re correct, but English speakers have been using the phrases as I did for a long time. Could go either way, I concede.