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Whole Foods lays an egg

Great for vacations!

Great for vacations!

So if you run an ad in a liberal NYC neighborhood featuring a guy who kinda sorta looks like Barry Hussein gnawing on a fried chicken leg, how can you help offending everyone? The Democrats infesting the hood, racists that they are, see a man eating chicken and think, “there’s a black man eating chicken – only colored guys like fried chicken, so this is obviously a disrespectful slur on a person of color and we must protest!” Everyone else sees Obama, hates him, and boycotts anything he may be endorsing. Whole Foods loses either way.


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Greenwich Democrats’ Trifecta

A couple of dozen sandwiches shy of a picnic

Three sandwiches shy of a picnic

Their leadership is out in full force today in their mouthpiece organ, Greenwich Time.

Bob Horton wants a pool, and wants you to pay for it.

Jonathan Perloe (says here he’s a member of the Democrat Town Committee) wants mandatory registration of all guns (a prelude to confiscation) a ban on really, really huge cartridge magazines, like ten, a ban on “guns that look like they’re real machine guns but aren’t” and who knows what else – I assume he’s a stalking horse for that other Democrat group, Connecticut Action Against Gun Violence which seeks confiscation of all weapons. All this would be as useful and as painless, Perloe claims, as the TSA security checks at airports.

Bill Gaston, identified as Francis Fudrucker’s butt boy (technically, he’s in charge of vice) sees interest rates currently running below the official inflation rate and cries, “free money, forever!” He advocates spending like mad now and ten years down the road, when interest rates have fallen still farther to negative 5%, we can borrow more.

This is what passes for financial sophistication among Greenwich Democrats:

….[C] onsider that current interest rates are below the rate of inflation. This means we can borrow right now at a negative real interest rate! The market will pay us to borrow money! We can pay back the principal on the loan ten years hence, when our economy will be richer and the burden of paying back the loan will be lessened. What’s not to like about the borrowing option?

So, profligate spending, destruction of constitutional rights and a display of economic ignorance that would shame a Head Start pupil. Pretty good work for just one day.


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Lookee what I found at Packages Plus

The "Cos Cobber"

The “Cos Cobber”

Yup, a genuine, all cotton (maybe some cotton) Cos Cob baseball cap. I bought one, naturally, both to show my regional pride and to allow me to pass as a native during my brief forays into the dark side of town. I could just blacken my teeth and stop bathing and achieve the same effect, but one can carry  authenticity just a bit too far, at times.

If they had my sense of humor, which is to say no humor at all, the folks at the Greenwich Reform Synagogue would buy boxloads of these and wear them to the next P&Z hearing. Such fun!


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And three accepted offers

The link to all three is here.

8 Dearfield Drive

8 Dearfield Drive

8 Dearfield has gone in just six days. It is 0.60 of an acre in the R-12 zone but, while that gives you a huge amount of buildable space under the FAR regs, the separate lot in the rear, the listing notes, cannot be built on. So go up.

115 Byram shore road also has found a buyer. Last asking price, down from $2.850 377 days ago, was $2.495.

And so much for my snarky comments about 48 Sunshine Avenue whose owners couldn’t sell it last year for $889,000 yet brought it back last week at $899,000. Gone already.


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It’s been a long time coming …

133 Lake Avenue

133 Lake Avenue (trees from May, 2008)

It didn’t hang around quite as long as 504 North Street did but after 1,370 DOM, the owners of 133 Lake Avenue must still have been relieved to finally receive an acceptable offer. They paid $905,000 for the place in March of 2008, which was a discount from its sale price of $1.050million in 2004. But those “discounts” can fool buyers into thinking they bought below market, when instead they merely established the new one, and many do what these unfortunate people did, they try to flip it for more than they just paid. In this case, three months after buying it, they put it back up for sale at $1.098.

That was a mistake. Last asking price, the one that’s produced this contract, was $749,000.


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Stuck in Riverside much of the day while awaiting replacement of two (2!) tires ruined on Cat Rock Road when one of those construction site food trucks came barreling down the middle of the road and forced me to pull to the right – I appreciated the irony of my vehicle’s location matching my politics, but $531 for that bit of ironic humor was a tad expensive for such a weak thrill. Did I ever mention that Cat Rock’s in Cos Cob?

So ya wanna build a house, do ya?

So ya wanna build a house, do ya?

In any event, I came back to see that there was a fair amount of real estate reported, so let’s start.

First up is the closing on 504 North Street. This has been a nine-year haul for its builder, starting with his purchase of three great acres for $3,500 million in 2004, the razing of the fine “Bermuda” house thereon, construction and then, in 2006, the commencement of the sales process. To be brief, he started at $11,795 million back then, sold it for $5,800,000 today.

I think he lost money.


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Obama’s Treasury Department turns racist

Moving toward direct deposit of social security checks, which will require a bank account and depositor ID to access. Everyone knows that forcing individuals to use an identification card is racist, because the Democrats have told us so for years. Where’s Fudrucker on this? Where’s Dollar Bill? Justice now!


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