It’s been a long time coming …

133 Lake Avenue

133 Lake Avenue (trees from May, 2008)

It didn’t hang around quite as long as 504 North Street did but after 1,370 DOM, the owners of 133 Lake Avenue must still have been relieved to finally receive an acceptable offer. They paid $905,000 for the place in March of 2008, which was a discount from its sale price of $1.050million in 2004. But those “discounts” can fool buyers into thinking they bought below market, when instead they merely established the new one, and many do what these unfortunate people did, they try to flip it for more than they just paid. In this case, three months after buying it, they put it back up for sale at $1.098.

That was a mistake. Last asking price, the one that’s produced this contract, was $749,000.


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6 responses to “It’s been a long time coming …

  1. anon

    dear lord, i hope someone puts this house out if its misery with a bulldozer. it’s a mess. great for exhibitionists however – the second bath toilet is AT the window. Peek-a-boo I see all of you!

  2. D

    Didn’t they ask $650K at one point? Not worth a penny more… if that.

  3. Cobra

    I especially like the cavernous “library/den.”

  4. 133 lake

    Highest and Best Use?
    I think a hospital oriented use, especially one requiring no parking, no auto access. Really inconvenient to get out and turn left.
    How about a hospital personnel cafe allowing smoking?