Stuck in Riverside much of the day while awaiting replacement of two (2!) tires ruined on Cat Rock Road when one of those construction site food trucks came barreling down the middle of the road and forced me to pull to the right – I appreciated the irony of my vehicle’s location matching my politics, but $531 for that bit of ironic humor was a tad expensive for such a weak thrill. Did I ever mention that Cat Rock’s in Cos Cob?

So ya wanna build a house, do ya?

So ya wanna build a house, do ya?

In any event, I came back to see that there was a fair amount of real estate reported, so let’s start.

First up is the closing on 504 North Street. This has been a nine-year haul for its builder, starting with his purchase of three great acres for $3,500 million in 2004, the razing of the fine “Bermuda” house thereon, construction and then, in 2006, the commencement of the sales process. To be brief, he started at $11,795 million back then, sold it for $5,800,000 today.

I think he lost money.


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22 responses to “Hammered

  1. The Bermuda Onion Triangle

    I had hoped for the headline Nailed. It would likely have given Walt a stroke, but what fun he would have had at your expense (not that there’s anything new in that).

    Tough outing but glad there was no damage to the axle or body. Tires are easy to replace, just not cheap. Did you go back to the dealer for replacement tires or a Midas-like joint?

    Your brother is one step ahead of you in reporting 504 sale. Some juicy comments even, which for his blog is unusual.

    • I went to Maveis (sp?) on the Post Road in Riverside. I was running on a skinny temporary on the front and a bulging rear tire threatening to go, so I didn’t want to travel far. Besides, Maveis isn’t bad on prices. They cost $198 each (big Michelin tires on a Honda Ridgeline), which i the same discount price I saw on the Internet when I was researching the truck last summer. The biggest delay was waiting three hours for the tires to come down from the warehouse.

      • The Bermuda Onion Triangle

        its Maveis if you work at Raveis. Mavis if you want tires.

        I’ve used Mavis in an emergency but I’d much rather the dealer redo the tire and alignment especially on such a new truck.

        • The nearest dealer is Greenwich Honda, which I will never, ever patronize again after my experience with them in 2003 – not while it’s under the same ownership, anyway.

        • I had a similar experience at Greenwich Honda. The car had a major engine failure when it was 300 miles out of warranty. Greenwich Honda told Honda USA that they were going to do the repair for free in the interests of good customer relations. They told me I had to pay full price for the repair. I found this out when I called Honda USA to see if they’d pay at least part of the cost. They said, pay for what? Greenwich Honda is doing it for free. And then the service manager got mad at me because I called Honda USA and outed him as a liar.

          I’m a little surprised they’re still in business, the lying thieves.

  2. speculators need staying power

    I guess it’s not so easy being a speculator.
    Were the sellers living here? Why not just live in it?
    The buyers got a lot for their money, I hope they can afford the success.

    • I’m pretty sure it sat empty all that time but it may have been rented out briefly. The owner/builder already has a house to live in, so I suppose there was no point moving in here.

      • speculators need staying power

        Just too much old world charm.
        I guess the other house was better. Maybe they built something they didn’t want to live in. That is not a good idea.

  3. anonymous

    Bermuda my ass. It one of two Spanish revival houses on North Street built for the Mead sisters. The other is down below North Street school on the west side of the street and is a pale yellow color. The long time owners re-stucco’d it in that pink color and painted the shutters blue, thus some idiot broker calling it Bermuda.

  4. anonymous

    Rented out indeed. To none other than that son French kisser, Buddy Hacket trophy wife, Stephanie Seymour. Where is Walt when you need him?

  5. Westchesterer

    Does the 15,800 sq feet include the basement?

  6. CatRocker

    You should have stopped by, I’d have made you a cup of tea and offered sympathy – plus a lift home from Mavis…..

    • In fact, the owner of the house whose driveway I pulled in front of to change my tire walked down to offer assistance. The road may be a bit tough but Cat Rock Road residents are the best.

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    You were MIA all day because you were dicking around with tires? TIRES!! Are you daft man?

    I thought for sure you were in Darien, signing up the lovely big breasted, lonely, needy, vulnerable Ashley, to be her exclusive agent to buy Greenwich dirt. So she could escape that vermin infested hell hole they call Darien. To be closer to her new love puppet, boy toy. ME!!

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! We need to strike while the iron is hot. Capitalize on the opportunity. Get while the getting is good. Ask not what you can do for your tires, ask what you can do for your friend Walt. You dummy.

    Van is hanging out at Buffalo Wild Wings in Stamford, swilling beer with NY Post reporters, while Ashley is staying home in that $1.3 million hovel, and watching chick flicks ALONE, in her sexy little teddy, wondering what her next move is.

    So help her along. Nudge her in the right direction. Now that you have new treads on your truck, get your lily white bony ass up there and seal this deal.

    You frigging loser.

    Did you contact that Irish Chick yet? The soul mate I picked out for you? I liked her!!

    Your Pal,

    • Mickster

      Walt, if you need my sister’s number, call me – 212-IRE-LAND
      But you had better know your soccer….

      Actually, don’t call the number because it really is mine.

  8. D

    See who was behind the wheel? I’m sure there are some local yolkals targeting you and while most usually have a plow on the front of their vehicles… construction food truck works too🙂

  9. ShedLessToolMan

    maybe you should hire Barbara Clay? or Jackie Childs?

    who ran you off the road?

  10. Cotswood

    Bermuda – only fools go to the dealer for tires and an alignment. You honestly can’t do better than Mavis around here for price + service. Sure, you can get cheaper, but that’s where you’ll suffer. The dealer will screw you at every opportunity.

    Then again, who the hell drives a Ridgeline on purpose? Look what happens – you scrub a little Cat Rock shoulder in your sissy truck, and lose two tires! You can blame Michelin, but that truck wears panties.

    • Ya know, Cotswood, when I was researching trucks, I found that everyone who hated the Ridgeline (a) had never owned one and (b) couched their objection in terms of manliness and testicles, while those who owned them loved them, so I, being entirely secure in my masculinity, went ahead and bought one (for, among other reasons, its two-foot shorter length, useful when driving it for its non-hunting purpose, tooling around Greenwich open houses). No, it can’t carry the beloved “full sheet of plywood” (unless – duh – you drop the tailgate) but I have never, even when working carpentry during college summers, have had occasion to tote plywood around town – there are people for that, and they all work as minimum wage lumberyard deliverers. Not withstanding the Ridgeline’s short length, I love it.

      Yours is the same phenomenon I’ve observed in the hunting community: some gus just have to have the biggest, meanest gun in the field and they take to the field armed with 10 gauge shotguns, huge calibers and magnum loads – all for drilling an unoffending squirrel.

      I realize you’re just busting my balls, to use a manly metaphor, and I’m not trying to make this a “serious” response, but it’s true: some men who secretly wear their wives’ underwear and read Cosmo are terribly hung up about size.

  11. The New Normal

    504 North probably would not be considered an attractive house by traditional standards, but if someone likes the style it is a fantastic value when compared to replication cost