Lookee what I found at Packages Plus

The "Cos Cobber"

The “Cos Cobber”

Yup, a genuine, all cotton (maybe some cotton) Cos Cob baseball cap. I bought one, naturally, both to show my regional pride and to allow me to pass as a native during my brief forays into the dark side of town. I could just blacken my teeth and stop bathing and achieve the same effect, but one can carry  authenticity just a bit too far, at times.

If they had my sense of humor, which is to say no humor at all, the folks at the Greenwich Reform Synagogue would buy boxloads of these and wear them to the next P&Z hearing. Such fun!


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6 responses to “Lookee what I found at Packages Plus

  1. Patsy Baggadonuts

    Cotton?? What, are you fuckin kidding me? Dem scavose hats was made from linguine and pig casings from old man scarpellis store. Madrone dem fuckin things was so hard youse gotta chuck em in da Mianus river for a week just to soften up. The old timers would grind em up and use em as bait in eel traps. Fuggetaboutit Chris. You cant wear that fuckin thing outsidea Cosa Cob. If you do, a bunch a marmalukes are gonna ask you how much you a charge for cuttin grass, or iffa you take bets onna football,

    So my advice to you my freind, is to take it backa to where youse found it or suffer da consequences. Capeche?

  2. anonymous

    I think that is Chris von Keyserling’s old hat.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    You have to watch this video. It is from some dickhead who works for the USDA. He is teaching that “If we work for a federal agency, you have discriminated in the past.”
    Take a look:

    Now how can that possibly be true? And why as we as taxpayers, forced to pay for this crap? I have never worked for a federal agency, but they have all treated me like crap. And I don’t get any free stuff. Where is my free phone? Why can’t I get food stamps to buy me some free scrimps? The Indians – feather not dots – get casinos, TAX FREE!! , and still manage to bankrupt them? And they still have complaints, even though they slaughtered Stonewall Jackson at the Battle of Little Big Horn? GET OVER IT!!

    All of this discrimination crap is well in the past. We have a half black man and a full-fledged Wookie in the Half White House. That is now the PC term for it. IT”S OVER!! Start taking accountability for yourself. Stop blaming your misfortune on others. Look in the mirror and stare your problem in the face.

    I have never discriminated against anyone in my life. Well maybe against fat ugly chicks, but that really isn’t discrimination. It is common sense combined with excellent taste.

    Anyhows, no one owes you anything. Except opportunity. Which we all have, you lazy slobs. Stop blaming your problems on others, and take advantage of the opportunities, not the handouts, you blackmail out of the liberal white guilt apologists, to get your stinking little votes. Usually in multiples of six!!


    If this keeps up, pretty soon we will all be living in Detroit. I would have said Cos Cob, but this is a serious post, and I don’t want to be melodramatic. Or insult Detroit.

    Your Pal,

    • You’ve got to keep up with blog, man, ya wanna know about this stuff as it happens. I know, hangin’ with Steph and those two cute little boys of hers in Mustique can be distracting, but while you were ogling that trio, you missed this post, in which the same goon is revealed to have also said that the Pilgrims were illegal aliens and minorities should be referred to as the “emerging majority”. The seminar where he spoke was paid for by your tax dollars, by the way, and attended by taxpayer-paid employees of the USDA.
      Democrats all.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        I apologize.

        This fair haired, big breasted, pouty lipped little vixen, Ashley, has thrown me off my game. She has me all discombobulated.

        I want to be her Sir Lanceheralot to she being my Maid Moansalot. I am a Rennasiance man, my friend. Her wet little panties are my desire.

        So I need to save this nubile, bend me like a pretzel, ravish me like a dirty little trollop princess before someone else does. She is screaming that!! A cry for help which I am uniquely qualified to deal with.

        So excuse me for missing that post.

        Tire boy.
        Your Pal,

  4. Fred2

    That’s what I like about Walt, a humble man willing to acknowledge his memory lapses & short-comings in a classy and polite fashion.