Obama’s Treasury Department turns racist

Moving toward direct deposit of social security checks, which will require a bank account and depositor ID to access. Everyone knows that forcing individuals to use an identification card is racist, because the Democrats have told us so for years. Where’s Fudrucker on this? Where’s Dollar Bill? Justice now!


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30 responses to “Obama’s Treasury Department turns racist

  1. boredatwork

    It’ll never happen. This would require old foks to have ID, which coupled with this idea…
    – which would require anyone who works to have ID – means that pretty soon we’ll be requiring everyone to have ID which could – shocker – be used to prove identity at the polling booth, and we all know that’s not allowed.

  2. TheWizard

    Land of the free, where you need ID to buy beer or cigarettes, but not to vote.

  3. Johnny Appleseed

    You didn’t tell us you cloned yourself or have a brother with the same name in Portland Oregon. Story about taking down a sequoia tree. You are quoted:
    “If I come here tomorrow morning and that tree isn’t there, I’m going to cry,” said Chris Fountain, one of a number of neighbors fighting to save it. “It means a lot to me.”


  4. Al Dente

    This would be a good time to start a fake ID business.

    • Fred2

      For oh so many reasons.

      I’ve often thought – as a honest person with no particular desire to commit crimes or generally abuse it – that having an alt- ID might not be a bad thing given the governments and corporate interest rude, insatiable and unseemly interest in the minutiae of our lives.

      You know if the bill of rights were written today by the people who wrote it then, Privacy would be in it. Poor dears couldn’t conceive of the intrusiveness of our bureaucratic masters.

    • Pretty Boy Floyd

      The fake ID biz is extremely lucrative already. Been around forever. Only now the docs are that much more sophisticated and harder to detect as fake. They cost a pretty penny too. But as my fellow goomba’s say, you can pay me now or pay me later. I might suggest option A if youz noz whatz goodfa’ya.

  5. de Beers

    So who watches the poll workers?

  6. FF

    I’m a little confused, don’t you need an ID to cash a check too?

  7. Al Dente

    My name is Jose Jimenez.
    I think that will work in my favor.

  8. JRH

    If you don’t have a bank account, you get your Social Security payments on a Treasury-issued debit card. Conditioning your fundamental right to vote on holding a document that costs money and time to obtain is a poll tax by other means.


    • Cos Cobber

      Mmmm. The fact you still have to roll out of bed to vote or call the registar for an absentee ballot sure sounds like another poll tax. Quick, call Jackie Childs, I have a voter rights case!

    • AJ

      So if voter ID would be a polls tax, then what are the SNAP requirements for food stamps? Or do you think they just hand out benefits to anyone who sticks their hand out, no identification or explanation necessary? May I have some money please? And of course, the police can always hold you on suspicion of anything for however many hours it is if you don’t have ID until they can figure out who you are. But that would be gratuit. On the other hand, the fine for not having health insurance, that apparently, is a tax.

      • Anon

        By sheer coincidence AJ, just today I was at a state website for WIC and SNAP, to see exactly what the qualifications are and what ID is necessary. Quite a bit. If not a drivers license, then birth certificate. Plus proof of income. And residence. I looked because yesterday at my supermarket, I was behind a woman using WIC checks. Lots of them.

        • AJ

          Not only that Anon, but they want to know who everyone in your family is, what they do, what their income is, and if they are in a position to be able to help you financially. It’s very creepy to say the least.

    • Fred2

      I dunno, the VAST majority (and by vast, I’d guess upwards of 95%) of Americans now have some sort of valid ID, as living without it is a such a HUGE pain in the derriere, so for them this is a non-issue. And I suspect they’d also prefer to make sure that voting was done a little more securely than now.

      For the remaining people living with no valid ID, who actually also want to vote, and are legally allowed to , (right there I suspect we’re down to a couple of hundred people) , I would STRONGLY support a generously funded government program to give them some decent & secure ID for FREE.

      I’m sure we could find thousands of concerned citizens to volunteer to assist.

      And while were at it can we please take all the damn “voting machines” and toss them in dump? Go back to using a paper ballot and ink pen.

      So it’ll take a a couple more hours to count, but you’ll have a decent paper trail and no more chads and other crap of that nature.

  9. AJ

    From the same Dems who don’t want voter ID, someone who posts an internet comment must provide ID but someone who wants and can have that comment removed can remain anonymous:

    “A recently introduced bill in the Illinois state Senate would require anonymous website comment posters to reveal their identities if they want to keep their comments online.

    The bill, called the Internet Posting Removal Act, is sponsored by Illinois state Sen. Ira Silverstein. It states that a “web site administrator upon request shall remove any comments posted on his or her web site by an anonymous poster unless the anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate.”

    The Democratic lawmaker’s bill, which does not ask for or clarify requirements from entities requesting the comment removal, would take effect 90 days after becoming law…”


  10. Anon

    AJ@6:32: further, the application asks to list everyone in the house, even if they aren’t related. That one surprised me. I’ve worked in an organization where I had to get IDs from illegals. Most were afraid I’d turn them into the INS and few were interested in telling me who else lived in the house as many houses are full to the brim, illegally, with illegals. They worry about getting the landlord in trouble and getting displaced.

  11. FF

    Illinois also has one of the most common sense law in the country which prohibits jerks from driving 50 miles an hour in the fast lane. What is it with Connecticut drivers where everyone seems incapable of using a passing lane the right way. So people pass on the right, which is asinine