This could be a real money maker in Greenwich

Homeless man sues his parents because they didn’t love him. Great idea, but had this young man ever attended law school he’d have learned that the first principle of jurisprudence is, “where’s the money?”. You don’t sue someone who’s living in the projects, chump, because how are you going to collect? Christ, you deserve to be homeless for stupidity alone.

Still, the idea’s pretty good, especially if brought here where the money’s deep and the tales of woe – hello, 4:00 AM ice time at the DoDo Hamill Pavilion? – are enough to make the most hardened jury weep. If you see me outside Brunswick passing out my card ….


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12 responses to “This could be a real money maker in Greenwich

  1. sunbeam43

    Just saw it on FoxNews! What a chooch! They get dumber and lazier every day!

  2. Anonymous

    how did he come up with that number

  3. Balzac

    Today the Greenwich Time, our local pretend newspaper, has an article by a democrat, Bill Gaston, urging the Town once again to borrow and borrow. This plea has many of the liberal tics that are to be expected in these mournful pieces. For one, government spending is given that flattering and false label, investment. The pro-debt article is long on sentiment and short on facts and figures. We can always tell we’re being scammed by a liberal when an article on government finance or the economy doesn’t have any numbers. Gaston has only one: 10 year debt. According to Gaston, “…Greenwich has virtually no debt……” Let’s use some figures to acquaint him with reality. The Town will soon bump up to its bipartisan debt limit of $210 million. This ignores our unfunded pension liability of $132 million and our unfunded post-retirement health liability of another $52 million. We’re up to $394 million or about $6,400 per person in Greenwich. Thus, the sum of about $19,000 per household is “virtually none” in Gaston-land.

    Boiled down, his argument is, “I want it now, and the taxpayers can pay for it in 10 years.” For years our Town had no debt, none. We actually had cash in the bank. Can you remember when any government had cash in the bank? Me neither. Our strong financial position is an inheritance from earlier Selectmen and town officials who had the prudence and restraint to resist the very policies which Gaston and the like recommend today. To borrow from future taxpayers to spend on ourselves today is selfish.

    Mr. Gaston, perhaps you haven’t heard of the problems of government debt? You might notice that the flood of debt is the dominant public policy issue of our time, from the US to Greece, to California, Illinois, Spain etc., etc. We live in the most indebted state, Connecticut ($5,400 per capita), not to mention the Federal debt of $17 trillion (another $53,000 per capita).

    If the Greenwich Time were a real newspaper, I’d write them a letter. But In Greenwich, the media to which people actually pay attention is FWIW.

  4. Cobra

    Bey must be a major Obozo bundler. About as honest a scam as The Messiah’s sequestration policy.

  5. FF

    Isn’t “love and affection” a legal term implying some kind of consideration in a contract? Could the court award him no money but lots of love and affection?

  6. Beadish

    No one ever said that parents are required to love their children.

  7. Real Torme

    I was taught you were to love your family, but you didn’t have to like them.