Whole Foods lays an egg

Great for vacations!

Great for vacations!

So if you run an ad in a liberal NYC neighborhood featuring a guy who kinda sorta looks like Barry Hussein gnawing on a fried chicken leg, how can you help offending everyone? The Democrats infesting the hood, racists that they are, see a man eating chicken and think, “there’s a black man eating chicken – only colored guys like fried chicken, so this is obviously a disrespectful slur on a person of color and we must protest!” Everyone else sees Obama, hates him, and boycotts anything he may be endorsing. Whole Foods loses either way.


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8 responses to “Whole Foods lays an egg

  1. Tawm

    I was reviewing John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty last night, and the implications for our society are so ominous –an uninformed, uneducated and mis-guided population trained to focus on all the unimportant things. Very sad prospects for us….

    • Greenwich Old Timer

      Really well said. Is there ANYTHING we can do about it? (Congress will never vote in term limit legislation)

  2. Peg

    For once I agree with the tofu crowd. No one would ever accuse me of being a lefty – but – I thought this was not a pretty ad. Who on earth ever thought it would be appealing to anyone?!?

    • The funny thing is that when I saw a headline about it offending customers, without the picture, I thought,”well of course it would offend people – anyone who dislikes Obama must be really pissed”. Only when I clicked on the article itself did I learn that it was liberals who objected. I hear Obama, I think politicians. The tofu crowd, as you put it, thinks of black men and stereotypes.

      • Peg

        Honestly – this isn’t political at all for me. The picture sure LOOKS like Obama – yet, it’s an ugly semi-gross rendering of him. As much as I dislike 96.3% of all his positions and his governance – I think that we ought to have some respect for the president. Moreover, fergetabout race or position or anything else – it’s just rather repulsive period.

        IMHO whoever put it together should inch up the unemployment rate a bit.

        • sunbeam43

          Why??? Does he respect us? I once had respect for “the president”….no longer. I only have revulsion now for “this president”!!!!!!

  3. sunbeam43

    Good grief, what else can the dummies bitch about! It’s sickening!

  4. “featuring an apparent caricature of Obama advertising an upcoming sale on whole organic chickens, outraged neighbor Woody Henderson.”

    Woody Henderson? Who cares? He hasn’t made a good movie since “Crackers can’t jump.” 😉

    It must be tough being a lib. Always gotta be on the look out for what to get “outraged” about.