An accepted offer and a new listing


174 Cat Rock

174 Cat Rock

32 Ferncliff has another accepted offer, its first deal having fallen through a month or so ago. Asking $1.195 million. I liked this place more than he clients I showed it to, which explains why the sale won’t be recorded in my name. The sellers made some interior rearrangements that seem more personal than designed to appeal to someone else (although that didn’t stop these buyers) and its one – acre is up a steep driveway and fairly rocky when you climb up there. I liked it despite that – given the price, not such a bad deal.

174 Cat Rock is a “new” listing, back at $1.650 million after failing to get $2.395 in 2007. I don’t really remember the house, but I do like its new price.


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4 responses to “An accepted offer and a new listing

  1. Cos Cobber

    I dunno, I think that Cat Rock house price is still a little lofty considering all the work that is necessary to bring it up to today’s specs. $1.2 ish seems more appropriate….and the tax assessment agrees.

    Btw, did you notice that 06807 clocked in with the 13th highest median income in Fairfield County (by zip) per the Stamford Advocate. Considering its all plumbers, landscapers in two family rentals its rather surprisng.

  2. Anon

    I had not seen 32 Ferncliff but was wondering why it was so cheap. If one is looking for over an acre in a good school district for close to a million, this is it. Only other one acre properties in that range are in the western sections of Greenwich, very far north or near the Merritt. I think this house may be the last of the lower priced one acre homes in the North Street school district. The new ones will be more than $1.2. In today’s WSJ – Manhattan properties are having bidding wars now.