And further channeling Obama …

North Korea warns US: prepare for “miserable destruction”.  I believe Obama said exactly the same thing yesterday.


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7 responses to “And further channeling Obama …

  1. TheWizard

    I learned some years ago that when they begin this saber-rattling, it means they want more of our aid money, a la Iran.
    Many people are surprised to learn we dole out taxpayer money to these rogue nations.
    I’m sure “the one” will happy to oblige.

    • Cobra

      Obozo will happily oblige in exchange for a few tips from his young admirer, Kim Jong-YoYo, on how to further oppress our citizens. He’s already seized control of the media, will soon disarm us all, and will subsequently make free speech a federal offense, punishable by interminable forced listening to his campaign speeches.

  2. Anonymous

    its pathetic that all we do is rant and rave on blogs while the country is in the toilet

  3. greenwich dude

    what if instead of sending more aid in response to nuclear threats and clear violations of UN and international resolutions, we send a few carrier groups and in concert with the south go get our goddamn uss pueblo back and let the south pick up the pieces? maybe a 90 day war, something like that?

  4. Chris R.

    well, it was fun while it lasted.

  5. Inagua

    “He’s already seized control of the media…”

    Obama didn’t have to seize control of the media. He was The One the media was waiting for. The Mainstream Media basically worships the guy.