Flu vaccine for old folks: might as well go homeopathic, for all the good it will do

Beat the reaper

Beat the reaper!

This year’s batch didn’t work: only 9% of recipients were protected, and why not?

…[S]eniors are typically a tricky group to protect from any illness.

“Almost all vaccines are not as effective in older people,” Saul said.

Of course, once tasked with a job, bureaucrats are relentless in the face of futility.

“But the CDC report shouldn’t dissuade anyone from being vaccinated, said Dr. Zane Saul, chief of infectious diseases at Bridgeport Hospital. He said even in cases where the vaccine didn’t prevent someone from getting flu, it still might have made a difference. “You have to ask, what did (the vaccine) do?” Saul said. “Did it stop these people from dying? Did they get a milder case of flu than they might have gotten without it?”

Someone’s protecting  his  job.


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9 responses to “Flu vaccine for old folks: might as well go homeopathic, for all the good it will do

  1. Old Coot

    I Don’t take pills. I Don’t get flu shots. Never been sick a day in my life. Doctors ate talking heads.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    You are covering the flu and not the little nymphet Ashley? What is wrong with you? Bloggers block?

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    Anyhows, I am thinking Ashley could probably use a change of scenery, to take her mind off of Van, and get away from his nefarious behavior. What do you think? And I am starting to wonder if I got the unemployed, talking head, wife beater husbands name wrong. Could it have been Jim? Jim Morrison? The Lizard King? I thought he was dead? But they said that about Elvis, so who knows? “Back Door Man” DUDE!! LIGHT MY FRIGGING FIRE!!

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    Your Pal,

  3. Al Dente

    Everyone in my office who got a flu shot…..got the flu.

  4. Al Dente

    Walt needs to check out a new hottie. She’s a fighter! With her you get a guard dog and a hot babe in one!

  5. Rules

    Avoid the flu by staying away from people who cough carelessly.

    Ever stand in the passport line internationally.

    People are roped off so that jerks coughing contaminates the whole crowd as you wait in line to have passport checked.