I don’t have the answer, but here’s the question

From Madoffwatch London:

Dear Christopher Fountain,

Every now and again you post a little something about these appalling villains who continue to escape any kind of scrutiny by the mainstream US media, despite, as far as I am aware, not having faked their own deaths (like Jeffry Picower.)

How do they manage it?  Is nobody interested any more? In the fall of last year I noticed that there had been a derisory “settlement” of $84 million or so …..in respect of the $7 billion or so ….of their investors’ funds that they had egregiously pissed away in the Madoff Ponzi scheme.

Picard sued them all over 2 years ago but I am not aware of any progress in that case – to some extent understandable while the Trustee is concentrating his fire on those with “deeper pockets”… such as the banks…etc.  I saw also that Picard was seeking seeking to block the settlement between FG & its investors.

But surely there must be some traceable assets representing some at least of the fees etc collected by FG for their celebrated “due diligence”. Hoping you have some information about the current state of play.


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4 responses to “I don’t have the answer, but here’s the question

  1. Anonymous

    Where’s Obama crony Jon Corzine?

    Madoff stole less than Corzine and Madoff is in prison.

    The Peregrine fellow stole ony 1/7th as much as Corzine, and he’s in prison.

    • Just_looking

      I know that you don’t really think Corrine will be charged or go to jail, but I like that you are putting it out there. Funny.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    When you know where all the bodies are buried, and you’ve made it starkly clear that you would be capable of posthumous communication, you get a permanent immunity icon.

  3. Q & A

    where is inagua when you need him