News you can use: pedophiles are predominately left-handed mental and physical midgets


Voted for Obama, twice

Voted for Obama, twice

That’s a rough assessment of these studies.

Among the most compelling findings is that 30% of pedophiles are left-handed or ambidextrous, triple the general rate.

Researchers have also determined that pedophiles are nearly an inch shorter on average than non-pedophiles and lag behind the average IQ by 10 points — discoveries that are consistent with developmental problems, whether before birth or in childhood.

What the news article reporting these results does not mention is that this description exactly matches that of the average male Democrat voter. Dollar Bill? You listening?


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5 responses to “News you can use: pedophiles are predominately left-handed mental and physical midgets

  1. Anonymous

    it matches O on 2/3

  2. Presidential hands

    List of U.S. presidents by handedness since 1929 (Sources:[1][2][3])
    President Party Term Handedness
    Herbert Hoover Republican 1929–1933 Left-handed[dubious – discuss]
    Franklin D. Roosevelt Democratic 1933–1945 Right-handed
    Harry S. Truman Democratic 1945–1953 Left-handed[4]
    Dwight D. Eisenhower Republican 1953–1961 Right-handed
    John F. Kennedy Democratic 1961–1963 Right-handed
    Lyndon B. Johnson Democratic 1963–1969 Right-handed
    Richard Nixon Republican 1969–1974 Right-handed
    Gerald Ford Republican 1974–1977 Left-handed
    Jimmy Carter Democratic 1977–1981 Right-handed
    Ronald Reagan Republican 1981–1989 Ambidextrous
    George H. W. Bush Republican 1989–1993 Left-handed
    Bill Clinton Democratic 1993–2001 Left-handed
    George W. Bush Republican 2001–2009 Right-handed
    Barack Obama Democratic 2009–present Left-handed

  3. David Smith

    Is that comment about Democrats true? Or are you just being nasty? I’d really like to know.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Next flight out, observe your TSA groper’s handedness.