Swords into plowshares – we’ll have to wait for the water into wine business

Returning cannon to the proper authorities

Returning cannon to the proper authorities

Citizens disarm voluntarily at police headquarters.  BB guns, a souvenir African spear and of course, cannons, brought in by firearmsguideCol. Knox himself. I know I feel safer now.


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23 responses to “Swords into plowshares – we’ll have to wait for the water into wine business

  1. OG

    I would be shocked, shocked!!, if any of the valuable antique firearms ended up in the collections of our finest.

    • I heard from someone who was there that nothing of value was surrendered, which is a relief to me, if the weapons really are going to be melted down. If.

      • OG

        The article mentions an 1885 Smith & Wesson revolver, which in theory could be be worth anywhere from $450 to $2500 (obviously lots of variables going in to price.)

        • I saw that, but the description by the reporter said it “was still shiny” – if it started out life with a blued barrel, this is not a good sign, but who knows? I’ll have to ask my friend who was there whether he spotted this one and what he thought.

  2. Laura

    While on the topic of guns, District of Columbia v Heller was the 2008 Supreme Court decision which ruled that possession of a handgun in the home for lawful purposes, including self defense, is protected under the Second Amendment. In 2010, in McDonald v Chicago, the High Court ruled that its decision in Heller applied to the states under the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    Since the decision in McDonald, it’s been argued by 2A proponents that lawful concealed carry outside the home in all states should also be protected, with legal cases advocating such making their way through the court system. The objective, as I understand it, was to create a “split circuit” at the U.S. Courts of Appeals level, thereby practically forcing the Supreme Court to grant cert to a petition filed on appeal.

    We may finally have that situation.

    On Friday, February 22, in Chicago, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit refused a request by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to review en banc its three-judge December ruling that the state’s prohibition of lawful concealed carry is unconstitutional under provisions of the Second Amendment. Therefore, the court’s December ruling in Moore v Madigan stands as settled law in the 7th Circuit. Ms. Madigan has until mid-March to decide whether to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Alternatively, in Denver, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, in the case of Peterson v Martinez, ruled on Friday that “the carrying of concealed firearms is not protected by the Second Amendment…”

    So, it appears we have a split circuit regarding constitutionality of lawful concealed carry, a situation that will definitely get the attention of the U.S. Supreme Court upon appeal by either Madigan or Peterson.

    pdf: http://www.ca10.uscourts.gov/opinions/11/11-1149

  3. Cobra

    By in large, garbage. However, there were a couple of pieces on the table I wouldn’t mind adding to the collection. WWII era M1 carbine, top-break S&W, and maybe one or two others.

    • Top break S&W? I have an S&W .22 lr, 1891, model 2, manufactured 1909 (awaiting authenticity letter from S&W historian, but that’s what serial no. yields), “engraved” if that’s the term, barrel, with target grips. We should talk, perhaps.

  4. RL

    The S&W K-38 on the table was worth more, 3-X that of the old S&W top break .32, they are a dime a dozen and parts just about have to be made by a gunsmith. I just had one repaired in .38 S&W for a friend. So, I’ve never seen one of these events in my part of the country. Giving away ones guns would have you being suspect of having “lost ones marbles” in my neck of the woods !
    What do they do after “the surrender the weapons party” ? Head to the local bar for the drunk-fest feel good see what I did for humanity today party , and then DRIVE HOME endangering the public ?
    Just curious ?

  5. How many of the weapons go home with the cops?

    Finders keepers, losers weepers.
    The public is definitely becoming
    the loser
    in this government ruling class.

    Just check off lost inventory when that
    barely used glock or
    prized antique weapon

    gets put in a cop gym bag and out the door.

  6. Anonymous Citizenette

    So its working so well that we’re voluntarily disarming ourselves now. We know that we can’t be trusted with these things. Dear leader will protect us, never fear.

  7. Kind of sounds like Nazi Germany!

    This really sounds like book burning ceremony in Hitler’s Germany.
    Burn what you do not understand and
    celebrate with the public tossing on more books!

    • The did it here with church groups burning records by those devil-worshipping Beatles. Some idiots lost their music collection but rock’s still with us. On the other hand, books are an endangered species these days, so maybe your analogy is accurate.

  8. Anonymous

    Is GPD staffed by overwight Uncle Fester wannabes?

    • Careful- that might be GPD Folk’s aunt you’re referring to. I’m not saying it is, mind you, but ….

    • GPD Folk

      That Uncle Fester Wannabe is a very competent Detective…who has solved a number of serious cases in our Community……nice try though Anonymous 2:41pm.

      • Are U Serious?

        The crimes are often set-ups in Greenwich: like

        cops watching while staged people walk step into a crosswalk as an unsuspecting car comes down the hill and a second cop down Greenwich Ave nails them for a ticket.

        or better,

        No cop has solved robbery like Betteridge Jewelry.

        Yea, 150 cops keeping Dunkin Donuts in business and keeping themselves fat

        and ramping up the overtime to get an even fatter pension.

        Ridberg’s $250 K pension.

        Greenwich taxpayers are just suckers.

  9. OG17

    Shame to see the Ariska 99 and M1 Carbine going to the blast furnace. Wonder if the older gentleman in the photo was a WWII vet who brought it back from the war? One with paperwork sold on gunbroker for 2K. http://bit.ly/ZCBiYN. This is on the extreme high end but those two guns could easily net $1,500. Maybe they can put them in a Town Hall display about WWII?

    • Cobra

      I agree, OG17. I, too, noticed those two pieces and wished they’d been saved by someone who appreciated WWII militaria.

  10. At first, ALL weapons collections from citizens by the government are “voluntary.” Sooner or later they become MANDATORY.