Wrong way Corrigan flies again

Ryanair fuel tanker

Ryanair fuel tanker

Ryanair pilot mistakes runway for Irish road. This is why other airlines place the steering wheel on the left side.

Aviation authorities are investigating a serious incident at Dublin Airport in which a Ryanair plane taxied the wrong way down a runway on which other planes were about to land.

Ryanair flight FR227, from ­London Stansted to Dublin, missed its exit and made a 180-degree turn at the end of the runway, before heading back the way it had come – causing other flights to abort or delay landings, the Irish Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Dramatic recordings of Air Traffic Control communications, which have been heard by the MoS, describe how the Ryanair flight had to ‘brake hard’. Other planes were ordered ‘go around’.


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5 responses to “Wrong way Corrigan flies again

  1. Eurosceptic

    Dear Mr. Fountain,
    I found a blog which I suspect may be a little ‘left’ wing. However, this article on the EU and Scottish independence from the UK is hilarious.
    Well worth the “investment” (to quote a friend!) in the time to read this.
    Beware their opposition to the Cameron stance, however still amusing to read.


  2. Mickster

    Was an American pilot….