Accepted offer in Riverside, finally


22 Dawn Harbor

22 Dawn Harbor

22 Dawn Harbor, asking $3.195, reports an accepted offer. Great yard, decent street off Indian Head, but the house needs a lot of reconfiguring, or that was the opinion of clients I showed it to and apparently most of the rest of the market, because it’s been looking for a buyer for 537 days.

Much of that delay was probably attributable to its price. The owner paid $3.4 million for it in 2007 (after it had sold for $2 million in 2004 – those were the days) and was determined to get his money back, so priced it there in 2011 and kept it at $3.4  for a long time, vacant. I ‘d be inclined to gut it and start anew or simply raze the house; , if the agreed upon price is low enough, in what I assume will be the $2s, that may be what happens here.


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6 responses to “Accepted offer in Riverside, finally

  1. Mickster
    Does this mean that you’ll now have to leave your gun in your car when going to Open Houses???

    I just got a lovely letter from the girls over at Prudential – they have a buyer for my house (sight unseen). Wow – how come I could never do that? Thats selling!!!

    • Interesting result from the 10th Circuit – we’ll have to see how it plays out in the Supreme Court. Of course, by forbidding residents from leaving their house with a pistol, states and cities are guaranteeing that those who do have guns won’t be able to practice with them and, unlike bicycle riding, shooting skills do atrophy. So we’ll have a nation with 300 guns in the hands of untrained, unskilled people. Good idea? Look at NYC, which allows its police men to fire exactly 50 practice shots per year. The cops can’t shoot accurately and when they do fire their weapons you get results like the execution of that poor madman in TImes Square last summer: fifty (or so) shots fired by the police, 9 bystanders wounded, all by the cops’ wild shooting.
      And that’s the police.

  2. Anonymous

    I like the quiet location and the relatively large yard in RS…better than a house on 0.3 acre around Druid or Hearthstone. The house looks updated too. The land lot should be worth $2mm?