Another contract

19 Angus19 Angus Lane, $4.995 million, has an executed contract. I wrote about this property when it came on briefly in May at $5.295.  I thought it was a beautiful house then and nothing changed this time except the asking price dropped a bit.


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10 responses to “Another contract

  1. TraderVic

    Isn’t it missing a driveway?

  2. Anonymous

    I hated this house!!

  3. Anonymous

    and copper beach went for the $2s???? What is the difference?

  4. Anonymous

    9800 square feet and a 3 car garage.

    that’s some f’d up priorities right there.

    at least 6 car setup needed. that breadwinner needs to grow a pair, lay down the law: 1 car garage per 1k FAR-eligible sq. ft.

  5. Anonymous

    “Riverside vs. mid-country, I suppose”?? What does Riverside have to do with this? Angus Lane is not in Riverside. You just can’t get Riverside out of your brain, CF.

  6. Anonymity abounds

    Why did we sell ours up the lane? Should have stayed there and ended life as a recluse. But wouldn’t the kids have been happy?