Back Country still isn’t moving with alacrity


128 Porchuck Rd

128 Porchuck Rd

128 Porchuck Road has cut its price to $4.950 million from $5.5. The owners paid $5.2 million for it in 2003 and tried reselling it in 2009-2010 for $6.5 but let it lapse after a year, bringing it back in 2012 at the aforesaid price. Nice yard, very nice house, but I question whether the back country has recovered to the 2003 price level. We’ll find out.


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4 responses to “Back Country still isn’t moving with alacrity

  1. Fred2

    Give them this though, at least its a serious cut that’s visible to the naked eye, and not a rounding error.

    I always get a laugh when I see something go from $1,000,000 to $999,990 or the equivalent, with a loud PRICE CUT!

    I mean seriously, less than a cut of 5-10% is a joke. No one that was stopped by your 100% process is going to give serious re-consideration for 99% of the price. 95% might signal a willingness to negotiate, but is still pretty silly.

  2. Speaking domestically

    Lovely home.
    Will eat at Rebecca’s nightly………..
    Because I can not see the new owner shopping in Glenville StopNShop. Maybe Rye Ridge. But Whole Foods is miles away.
    BUT best pizza in town in town at Glenville Pizza.

  3. Anonymous

    Looks as though it is just staged? Was it even lived in?

  4. Must be missing something...

    Of course we shop at Stop and Shop, we are not idiots! Others dine at Rebecca’s dear.