Gene mapping or, the Irish riddle solved

Off to O'Malley's

Off to O’Malley’s

Drinking to excess traced back 10 million years  to ape genes. Or 3,000 years to Shamus O’Reilly.

The boozing gene can be traced back 10million years to the common ancestor humans share with chimpanzees and gorillas, new research claims.

It is believed these ancient forebears were the first to pick up fruits fermenting on the ground after they developed a lifestyle away from the trees.

Individuals able to stomach the boozy fruit would have survived better in this new environment than those who could not, programming the ability into their descendants’ genetic codes.


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9 responses to “Gene mapping or, the Irish riddle solved

  1. Anonymous

    likes like they would have a gene for crack addiction

  2. Chris R.

    i’ll drink to that!

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    So, if the gene descends from a common ancestor we shared with Chimps and Gorillas, why implicate innocent Orangutans?

  4. Anonymous

    Whoaa. This will cause a bible rewrite.
    Just who changed that water to wine?

  5. Anonymous

    Get bent….Buds all around!

  6. Mickster

    Faulty science. We all know God created booze so the Irish wouldn’t rule the world.

  7. Anonymous

    having lived in dublin for a period of time and having worked with the brits and visited london often …the irish dont have anything on the english when it come to “the gene” or love of the sauce.