In ObamaLand, everything’s for sale

Never pass up a free meal

Never pass up a free meal

According to The New York Times, $500,000 will get you four meetings a year with the President of the United States. I’m insulted that the man would sell out his country so cheaply.


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2 responses to “In ObamaLand, everything’s for sale

  1. Anonymous

    he has had to keep lowering his price to find interest, 500k to chew on a pastriami sandwich with some mook from chi town still sounds rich, you get to watch him pick his teeth afterwords, that could be of interest for some

  2. Anonymous

    DC has separated itself from the people, and it shows. Surveillance once used against gangsters and foreign agents is now used against shoe salesmen and librarians.

    DC has grown fond of writing laws in secret and enacting them in the middle of the night. They get away with this because they’ve created a favored client-electorate using corrupt dispensations, and they aren’t the voters who work hard, live responsibly and stay right with the law.

    Because DC is paranoid, with cause, qualified honest voters are being openly disenfranchised. One Ohio poll worker admitted voted twice in her own name and four more times in other people’s names. She insisted it wasn’t voter fraud but fighting for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president. Who knew the presidency was anybody’s by right? Nineteen others in the same County are under investigation.

    Disenfranchisement doesn’t end with state-sponsored voter fraud. Politics itself has been deligitimized. Elections are all but innocent of political content, they’ve devolved into palace intrigues and personality clashes with the media as theatre critics.

    Elections have all the gravitas of primitives dancing ’round a bonfire, entertainment for what are, in practical terms, spectators. The intent of national elections is to lend a gloss of legitimacy to the illegitimate.

    We know what happens to nations where the productive populace is treated as a dangerous adversary. The Soviets purged successful farmers during collectivization only to discover they were successful because they knew how to farm, and did so. It resulted in one of the worst famines in history. Detroit and Zimbabwe purged its most capable citizens with the same results. And now, DC. How else are we to think of, say, mandatory hiring quotas for the demonstrably unqualified?

    DC has well and truly separated itself from the people. They chose to do it, openly and with gleeful arrogance, which reveals much about their intent.

    Separation of state and people has non obvious consequences that defy prediction but the principle is simple: mutual fear is the destructive cousin of mutual respect.