Sequester NASA

Sweat shop

Sweat shop

If there is any limit to our own government’s stupidity you won’t find it at NASA, which is out with a report today that says that global warming has already cut worker productivity by exactly ten percent. That certainly sounds scientific, doesn’t it? I mean, they use real numbers and all that, so the “science” is settled! It might make you wonder how America could have grown and prospered 100 years ago, when factories were cooled, barely, by drafts coming in through windows, tenement houses lacked even air shafts and field hands worked directly under the sun, eh?

Well I have the true, scientific answer: before air conditioning Washington would shut down for three months every summer and the politicians would flee. That respite from government meddling for one quarter of each year made all the difference. Now we’re inundated by government regulations and laws 24/7, 12 months a year, and suffer from agencies like NASA that once had a scientific purpose and is now just a collection of political hacks.

Save the nation: ban air conditioning.


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8 responses to “Sequester NASA

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I read the article, and it is not NASA backing this study. So you may want to check that. NASA may actually be the only Government Agency worth funding. Are you anti NASA because their space probes landed on your home planet? I knew we made it to Mars, but I didn’t think a probe hit Uranus yet. Although it doesn’t surprise me.

    Anyhows, NASA invented some incredible stuff. Like Velcro. So black kids could have $300 sneakers and still not know how to tie their shoes.

    And they improved diapers, because Astronauts pee more than babies.
    They invented cordless power tools, and long life batteries, which vastly improved sex toys. They also invented mirror sunglasses, so you could ogle the hotties and not get slapped. They also invented Tang. The juice kind, not the poon kind.
    There are many other inventions we wouldn’t have today if Nixon didn’t mandate we land on the moon before the end of the 1960’s.

    And read this article:

    This guy makes a compelling case that Barry is a Commie Marxist, bent on destroying the middle class. Not that it should surprise anyone.
    Your Pal,

    • Mark B.

      The trickle down effect NASA has had on the arts is noteworthy as well. Particularly Hollywood.
      Without Velcro, the flight attendant in “2001” would’ve busted her Tang.
      And what about Cool Hand Luke, without mirrored sunglasses? George Kennedy imploring, “You don’t mess with the man whose eyes are generally difficult to see, Luke!!! ”

      Thank you, NASA.

  2. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke is prett sure that NASA didn’t invent Tang.

  3. john

    I have a friend who works at NASA headquarters and he has drunk all the Hanson kool aid. I hesitate to tell him that if all those bright boys there can’t come up with a viable alternative to our oil based society than nobody else is likely to do so. Reducing the US to some third world level of hydrocarbon usage is not going to affect ‘climate change’ a whit even if such a thing does exist.

  4. Atticus

    Why hasn’t Hansen been fired? New report says he took illegal gifts/income from outside leftist groups:
    NASA Scientist Accused of Using Celeb Status Among Environmental Groups to Enrich Himself

    • The only likely way to get him out of NASA is for him to cheat on his taxes… which would get him bumped up to head of the Treasury Department.

  5. I LOVE your answer to the problem………EXCELLENT!