Lake Avenue construction

If like me you’ve been wondering about what appears to be an airport being built on 751 Lake Avenue up near the Merritt, the mystery is solved today by the listing of two houses under construction. Each is around 10,000 sq.ft, each wants about $9 million.



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6 responses to “Lake Avenue construction

  1. Anon

    This heavily wooded property was literally clear cut [n a couple of days – how is that possibe?

  2. Cobra

    The structure to the North end of he lot appears well along, the one to the South, just a foundation so far. However, there may be a third foundation constructed in-between…perhaps a guest cottage or pool house? Or, perhaps my eyes deceive me.

  3. Anonymous

    just out of morbid curiosity, where does a builder get the scrip to carry something like that? local bank construction loan?

    i know a few guys who buy homes with their own cash that are in turn demo’d and re-done as spec homes (often pre-sold as well), but that’s in the $2-5MM selling range. $9MM+ is a whole new potentially painful dimension.

  4. Mortgage Advance Income?

    Fairfield County Bank rolling the dice with KaaliNagy $3mil+
    How many unsold specs does KN have out there?