Bad ideas never die

UPDATE: I spoke too soon about the zombie project: BET Democrats and Republican    are ready to dump $200,000 more into the sink hole, to hire a consultant. Forget the pool, why on earth does the town need to spend $200,000 to hire an outsider to move this scheme through our own zoning process?

Though Tarkington is opposed to the funding request for the pool, which is leaking water through cracks and has no restroom facilities, it does not appear to be enough to stall the funds.

Her three colleagues, fellow Republican and committee Chairman Joseph Pellegrino, and Democrats Jeffrey Ramer and William Finger, spoke in favor of moving the project along.

Check out this bit of objective, fact-based reporting by Greenwich Time:

That should come as good news to Byram residents for whom the pool, the only public facility of its kind in Greenwich, is a source of embarrassment among residents of the neighborhood and the greater swimming community. The project’s supporters, including the Junior League of Greenwich, have faced an years-long battle to secure preliminary funding.

The $200,000 would be used to commission more detailed drawings of the project and to steer it through the land use process.


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46 responses to “Bad ideas never die

  1. The Junior League? The only time they will set foot in that pool is for the ribbon cutting. They would never place their kids into a pool filled with children of illegal immigrants. Aren’t these the same people who send their kids to private school to avoid having to mix with those kids from the icky parts of town?

    Just fund and build a really nice pool in Port Chester, it will do greater good and probably at half the cost. Let’s turn the current pool into an organic garden or perhaps a field of solar panels.

  2. OG

    I am crazy or could you build a pretty decent pool for $200,000?

  3. Mickster

    $200K for a consultant and $7.5+Million for the pool !!!! you’re kidding??
    Take all that money – go into the school, pay off the lousy teachers, give the good ones a raise and hire more young teachers. I had a client last week tell me in an email “don’t send me any listings in the New Lebanon school area” – and she’s from Queens!!

    • CatoRenasci

      Anyone looking to buy in Greenwich and use the public schools for their children should probably exclude more than New Lebanon: Hamilton Avenue to be sure, probably Glenville and Julian Curtiss as well, maybe Cos Cob and North Mianus. Riverside, Old Greenwich, North Street, Dundee, and the underutilized Parkway are probably the only relatively safe bets. Would you let your kids go to any others?

      • D

        That’s my criteria… entirely school driven.

      • Well yes I would, but my kids went to Riverside.

        • Cos Cobber

          Cos Cob school is absolutely fine. When you consider the elevated amount of rental housing stock in Cos Cob, our test scores are pretty fair. For what its worth, its a great building and nice atmosphere and the PTA is active. I dont know the list for 2012, but in 2011 a proportionate share of the National Merit Scholar winners at the high school level came through Cos Cob school

  4. greenwich dude

    this is turning into a bad joke
    there is a great place to learn to swim in town – the beach. and for gods sakes, take your pick: tod’s, island beach, whatever. i mean what are we doing?

  5. D

    “the greater swimming community”?!? What hacks write this stuff? Cheap debt is fueling municipal idiots across the country…

    • CatoRenasci

      As if people will abandon the YMCA and YWCA swim programs, let alone their clubs, for the Byram version of the Baths of Diocletian. Fugeddabowdit!

  6. FF

    Discussing the idea of whether there is money (or not) to build a pool is a very reasonable thing to do. However, it seems odd to me that posters are upset about the idea of a pool in general. You have JD Junkyard making that asinine inference that only the dark people from Port Chester would use such a civic gem, greenwich dude with the “get off my yard” attitude, D who doesn’t understand that there is so much competitive swimming at the YMCA, YWCA, Boys Club, GHS, and the clubs that this really is a rich mans sport with (really) thousands of participants who hold Greenwich passports.
    The pool is a good idea, good for the community and will be welcomed. $7.5 million is beyond the pale, and someone in the pool business might want to step up and show Greenwich how to save money instead of giving the responsibility to two bureaucrats who have no idea what they are doing

    • D

      Since when is the YMCA, YWCA, Boys Club and our public high school for rich people? Private clubs, sure, but last I checked, membership at the YMCA is quite reasonable. My objection is to the town getting in on the game. There are plenty of options. Running a pool, like running an old folk’s home, is not something in which government should be involved.

    • Balls. Greenwich proper won’t bring its precious children to swim with the dark ones in Byram.
      Do like your idea of using a pool company to design and build it rather than use the same people who brought us the Hamilton Avenue boondoggle.

    • OG Reader

      My kids started their competitive swimming at the Boys & Girls Club, the yearly fee for the swim team is $100. I’m not sure how the club can offer such a great value, but there it is.

      • Cos Cobber

        Apparently FF thinks this town needs to spend 7.5MM so that people who cant pay $100 for swimming have a free place to swim.

        • anonymous

          The Boys and Girls club schedule-
          FAMILY OPEN SWIM is offered on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons during the school year.
          Friday: 7PM – 8:30PM
          Saturday: 1PM – 3PM

          7.5 million is a lot and I’d love to see other proposals but to say the B&G Club’s 2 family swim sessions per week is meeting the need is shortsighted and false.

        • Cos Cobber

          To pretend we have a public service need to provide a swimming venue is also just plain false. There are places to swim in this town and there are easily a dozen other 10MM projects more worthy than a swimming pool.

          If people want a town pool, then join the Junior League and raise the private funds to make it happen.

    • Cos Cobber

      FF, this pool project is just more evidence that the Dems are thoroughly unable to identify wasteful spending at any level in any budget (sans military spending).

      I would love to see a pool built, but not now…not when are schools will need a steady diet of improvements and maintenance in the coming decades, not when we have a 13MM enviro clean up at Gwich High and the 25MM+ MISRA project, not when we already decided to build an immaculant police station and fire station and not when others keep pointing out (you?) that we have 10s of millions in necessary sewer/water/road and bridge projects ahead.

      We should fill in this pool site tomorrow and when private donations have managed to pay for it all, then we’ll grab a shovel. Until then we have the YMCA and YWCA pools, Island Beach and Todd’s point for swimming. Enjoy.

      • FF

        That is a reasonable approach, I dont agree, but reasonable. I object more to the idea that a pool itself is somehow an extravagance unworthy of any consideration at all because it would attract 1) poor 2) unworthy outsiders 3) freeloading jerks. That is just a divisive and unnecessarily harsh view of civic life

    • greenwich dude

      FF – so confused how “there’s a huge swimming pool called long island sound open all year round” sounds like “get off my yard” to you?

      to me it just sounds like a lot of money as a benefit to town “bathers who prefer fresh water” (ignoring the silliness that any public pool ever has actually involved “fresh” water). i mean the goddamn thing is right next to the beach. swim, and be merry:

      “Byram Beach is open daily 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. For those bathers who prefer fresh water, the park has the only public pool in town, located right at the water’s edge. Bathhouses are available for those using both beach and pool. For sports enthusiasts, the Park has lighted tennis courts as well as the only lighted ball field in Greenwich.”

    • anonymous

      I”m going to agree with FF – recreational free swim time is rare and usually at horrible times because the competitive swim teams and other teams get most of the water time left over after the classes and adult lap sessions are scheduled. Not everyone wants to swim competitively.
      My kids are legal, Greenwich residents, white and middle class, and swim in the Byram pool every summer with many friends also from Greenwich. People who are concerned about non-Greenwich residents using the pool should come down this summer to see that they are wrong. The pool is used by Greenwich residents and yes, gasp, some of them are minorities. I’m not sure why people feel they constantly need to mention skin color, they are paying taxes, rent, a mortgage, etc and have the same vote you have on the ballot.

  7. 100k could fix the polluted runoff from the Town Dump and the swimming pool could be all of Long Island Sound.
    There are heads at the beach facility now.
    Lining pool would cost less than 50k.
    Year ’round Olympic size pool next to Western Middle School and large population center is much better idea.

    • Anonymous

      Actually i dont disagree with this idea…i dont think a pool needs to be at Byram beach and if it were more cost effective place it somewhere else …. even at the OG Civic center etc

  8. suckers

    unless activists march on town hall, they will spend every cent you give them and more. help out their friends on your nickle. soon to come, $1500 benches to go with the pool and a million dollar engineer and design firm. that is how it works till you do a sit in on town hall.

  9. Stanwich

    WTF!!! How did a nice little Junior League pet project turn into yet another white elephant. $200,000 for designs!!!! Are you fucking kidding me!!!

    The state is breathing down our necks about racial imbalances at certain schools, test scores for certain schools in the district are deplorable, teacher pay at the junior ranks is an embarassment, our nursing home is literally falling down, etc, etc etc. And this is how we choose to spend our money. My god!!

  10. Al Dente

    Keep away from the Italian neighborhoods and schools.

  11. Walt

    Dude –
    This whole argument is moronic. Everyone knows the dark ones can’t swim. Open up a hydrant and save the $7.5 million. Have them mail me the $200k consulting fee.
    Your Pal,

    • That’s my understand too, Walt, yet we went and built an ice rink in Byram even though, with their weak ankles, the denizens over there can’t skate. Our town fathers will build things in Byram for other sections residents to use just because the land’s cheap. Look, they put the dump there, even though that meant Cos Cobbers were forced to travel for their recreation.

      • Cos Cobber

        While the town fathers cruly placed the dump away from us Cos Cobbers, we did get the 100 acre Pinetum (deer hunting anyone?) and its public garden center (ahem, landscaping museum?)

        Let me know if you want to ‘dump’ for brunch on Saturday. Tesei and I will be there, its a hoot.

  12. DOJ arrested David Bryson and two others yesterday. 19 counts of securities and wire fraud. You wrote about him 2010 or folloedw one of my reports on the massive fraud in the Ridgefield fund

    • Mickster

      Feel free to jump into the Byram Pool story….

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Mickster: Teri’s just following McCain’s Rule #1. No need to bash her for it.

        1. Shameless Blogwhoring.

        I’m amazed that Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades and the Hot Air crew haven’t declared a fatwa against me for the way I relentlessly fill their inboxes with blogwhoring e-mails like Arnold Horshack trying to get Mr. Kotter’s attention: “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!”

        However, the smart newcomer to the ‘sphere doesn’t just suck up to big-traffic bloggers who can throw him major traffic (although he does that with a single-minded fanaticism), he also sucks up sideways and downward, to bloggers who might not be able to throw 10,000 hits a day, but who are nonetheless valued contributors to the blogging community.

        Little Miss Attila is my favorite example of the “valued contributors” category. Her best recent month was 24K visits in October, but she’s been around the ‘sphere a long time, is much beloved, and it is bad kharma not to link her. Every so often, while on the hunt for good stuff to blog about, I’ll go over to LMA, find something good she’s blogging about and link it. Why? Because, among various non-kharmic reasons, she has done the same for me, which brings me to Rule 2:

  13. Cobra

    Speaking about swimming pools, any recommendations for a reliable, reasonably priced pool service company operating in Greenwich? Shoreline has been rapidly increasing their rates over the past few years, so it’s time to move to another company. Tamm’s Pool Service in Cos Cob ( has quoted me an “all inclusive” package for about 35% less than Shoreline. Anyone worked with them?

  14. Anonymous

    The Balzac School of good government.

    “Lets do a study”

  15. Anonymous

    Cobra – Pools: Bert Costa 203-338-8300. He does my parent’s and my brother’s pools in Greenwich and will know who referred him. Excellent handyman too.

  16. Anonymous

    I bet operating costs FAR surpass any of the initial sticker shock price of $7.5 million…..add’l ifeguards, pool chemicals, insurance, and COPS to keep the peace as it happened in Brooklyn NY with the opening of their new pool.

  17. Mickster

    Just buy the YM – it would be cheaper in the long-run

  18. Anonymous

    FF –perhaps you need to read the local police blottter a little more closely and get out of that liberal, well intentioned cocoon you live in.

  19. Anonymous

    With all of the viable options for swimming presented here, is $7 million really necessary for yet another pool given the horrendous state of the OGRCC building? It is literally falling apart.